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Thu Apr 4 01:29:40 EST 1996

Sorry to bother all, I was trying to send this directly to Roger N4ZC but it 
always came back as undelivarable - see below -  so sending this way:

Date: Thu, 4 Apr 1996 00:06:23 +0200 (MET DST)
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Subject: Returned mail: User unknown
To: <jirka at>

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... while talking to
>>> RCPT To:<roger.burt at>
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550 <roger.burt at>... User unknown
Reporting-MTA: dns;
Hi Roger,

I have sent you immediate reply (next day), and It have come back as not 
delivered so I do not know ?

Any way the messqage is you are of coursen invited and I look forward to your 

There is just a question if your plans are not too too too much of travelling, 
if it is not better to spend some time on a place, but of course your decision.

Hope to see you here in Prague. My telephone if needed ( and might be ) is:
home: + 42 2 879449    Bussines ....379870 or 379871      FAX....378103

All the 73 !

[Hello Jiri, a few weeks ago I send you but have not heard anything
[back yet. Is this e-mail address OK ? I'm planning a trip to Europe
[in June and would like to stop by for a short visit if possible.
p73 Roger N4ZC  roger.burt at

73 ! again, it was nice to work you again in WPX

>From Bruce Lallathin <aa8u at>  Wed Apr  3 23:43:33 1996
From: Bruce Lallathin <aa8u at> (Bruce Lallathin)
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 1996 18:43:33 -0500 (EST)
Subject: TO3
Message-ID: <199604032343.SAA14543 at>

>Date: Wed, 03 Apr 1996 03:51:47
>To: CQ-Contest Reflector
>From: Bruce Lallathin <aa8u at>
>Subject: TO3
>Once I figure out where TO3A was, I will be able to figure the final score
for our Multi-Single effort. (KT8X)


X50 in the log, guess it is Bosnian (rebel) Serbs,,,,sorta like S5 for points.

Kept the T03A, didn't claim the TO3A. Checked the mult list and see a TO5
prefix too. email re. this prefix tends to put the T-zero in the
Principality of Seborga, somewhere in/near Italy. Thats close enough for me.
Its in the log and the log is in the mail. The contest committee will have
to sort it out.

Bruce (AA8U   KT8X in WPX)

>From Jim Reid <jreid at>  Thu Apr  4 00:01:32 1996
From: Jim Reid <jreid at> (Jim Reid)
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 1996 14:01:32 -1000
Subject: CW, HF and WRC-99
Message-ID: <1.5.4b12.32.19960404000132.006a4c34 at>

Aloha to All,

Agenda item "2.2 Condiseration of Article S25 concerning the
amateur and amateur satellite services" for WRC-99.(Art. S25
renumbers privious Art. S32 which contained Radio Reg. 2375,
amateur Morse tests for HF priveleges internationaly.)
As result,  the IARU has established a committee called 
The Future of the Amateur Service Committee(FASC) to assist/
advise the IARU in formulating policy/positions on the above
WRC-99 agenda item.  The members are:

Chairman:  Michael Owen, VK3KI

Larry Price, W4RA, POB 2067,  Statesboro, GA  30459-2067

David Sumner, K1ZZ,  dsumner at

John Bazley,  G3HCT

Tom Atkins,  VE3CDM

Terry Carrell,  ZL3QL

Dick Baldwin,  W1RU, ex-officio,  Hc Box 60, Waldoboro, ME  04572-9026

A long list of items is assigned to the committee to be considered.
One, at least,  is of particular interest specifically to you:

        "...having regard to:  ..the technical and operational
        qualifications for licensees in the amateur services, " .

The committee is to encourage full discussion of these matters,
invite comments from individuals,  groups, member-societies,
and regional organizations, participate in meetings and take into
account comments it receives, prepare reports, recommendations,
and proposals by the Administrative Council, member societies and
others.  As a first step,  all IARU member societies have been
invited to send opinions to the chairman of the FASC(VK3KI) as "to
how the Radio Regulations might be modified or improved to meet 
the challenges of the 21st century."

The first regional conference to consider recommendations from the
committee will be the Region 1 Conference to be held in Israil,
September 1996.  Others will be held over the following two
years leading to WRC-99.

In the UK,  the Radiocommunications Agency has asked the Radio
Society of Great Britain to consider formally the proposal to
delete Morse testing as a req for HF privelege. "whether the
Morse test is a relevant means of differentiation (between classes
of license)....It is clear that this is an issue on which there are
differing and strogly held opinions.  It is now timely to reconsider
this issue and to decide whether the Morse requirement is one in 
which radio amateurs see relevance to the next millenium."

In France, F6IIE, vice-president of UFT(Union Francaise des
Telegraphiste) has written, "Let those who are against the
CW exam not delude themselves,  they risk having something
other than CW to learn.  Those who are in trusteeship will
not do away with (overnight) a "filter" so efficient for
controlling access to the HF bands.....the CW examination
is not really so opens up horizons certainly
more interesting than all the data-processing systems (which
are) useful indeed,  but of which one tires so quickly,
and which render communications more and more impersonal."
Translated from La Pioche, journal of UTF,  by Ken Quigg,
GI4CRQ, and printed in Morsum Magnificat, Feb. 96.

This will be a hot topic in the two and a half years before
WRC-99.  Be prepared to respond to  surveys/poles by ARRL and
probably others,  and to clearly express your reasons for
retaining or dropping Morse as a req for HF operating privileges.

Obviosuly the English and French are moving out smartly to
face the issue,  and do have opinions already in mind!

As the first Region meeting is only a few months away at
which the issue will for the first time be formally discussed
in light of the WRC-99 agenda,  you might want already to
organize some thoughts carefully on the issue and maybe
e-mail or post to the FASC committee member of your country,
or nearest you.  I hve included K1ZZ's e-mail address above,
though not at all sure he is ready to receive input on the
topic just yet,  but who knows?

73,  Jim,  AH6NB
jreid at

>From Charles Epps <epps at>  Thu Apr  4 01:14:15 1996
From: Charles Epps <epps at> (Charles Epps)
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 1996 17:14:15 -0800 (PST)
Subject: WRTC Press Release #7
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9604031716.A24348-0100000 at netcom12>


Redwood City, CA  							 
April 3, 1996


WRTC-96, Inc. announced today selection of the 104 team members who will 
compete in the World Radiosport Team Championship competition scheduled 
for July 13 and 14, 1996.  The WRTC competitors will enter the IARU HF 
World Championship contest as 52 two-person multi-operator, 
single-transmitter entries.  All 52 teams will be located near San 
Francisco Bay on flat terrain in relatively close physical proximity so 
as to minimize propagation differences, and all will run 100 watts output 
to nearly identical antenna systems.  By eliminating many of the station 
and propagation variables normally associated with radio contesting, the 
WRTC strives to present a meaningful head to head competition in which 
the winners can rightfully claim to be "the best of the best."

The WRTC competition will begin at 12:00 UTC on Saturday, July 13 and run 
until 06:00 UTC on Sunday, July 14.  The WRTC teams will operate both cw 
and ssb on 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters and may be contacted once on each 
band-mode (i.e., 8 contacts are possible with each WRTC station).  The 
WRTC stations will be easy to identify because they will be using 
distinctive "1x1" callsigns specially approved by the Federal 
Communications Commission for the competition.  Those callsigns will be 
W6A through W6Z and K6A through K6Z.  In addition to the regular IARU HF 
Championship awards, there will be a whole family of separate achievement 
awards available to those who work the requisite numbers of WRTC stations.

Twenty-two teams operated in the first WRTC competition which was held in 
Seattle, WA in 1990.  Eleven competitors in this year's event, including 
Defending Champions K1AR and K1DG, are veterans of WRTC-90.  Their 
callsigns are noted with asterisks in the competitors' listing:

 1. Defending Champs  K1AR*  + K1DG*
 2. Team Argentina    LU6ETB + LW9EUJ
 3. Team Australia    VK5GN  + VK2AYD
 4. Team Belgium      ON6TT  + ON4WW
 5. Team Brazil       PY5CC  + PY0FF
 6. Team Bulgaria     LZ1SA  + LZ2PO*
 7. Team Canada #1    VE3EJ  + VE3IY
 8. Team Canada #2    VE7NTT + VE7CC*
 9. Team Czech Rep.   OK1CF  + OK2PAY
10. Team Finland      OH2IW  + OH1JT
11. Team France       F6FGZ  + F5MUX
12. Team Germany #1   DK3GI  + DL1IAO
13. Team Germany #2   DL5XX* + DL1VJ
14. Team Hungary      HA0DU  + HA0MM*
15. Team Italy #1     IN3QBR + IT9TQH
16. Team Italy #2     IT9BLB + IT9VDQ
17. Team Japan #1     JE1JKL*+ JH7WKQ
18. Team Japan #2     JH4NMT + JE3MAS
19. Team Japan #3     JH4RHF + JA8RWU
20. Team Japan #4     JH7PKU + JO1BMV
21. Team Lithuania    LY2IJ  + LY1DS
22. Team Poland #1    SP6AZT + SP9FKQ
23. Team Poland #2    SP9IJU + SP9HWN
24. Team Russia #1    RV1AW  + RW1AC
25. Team Russia #2    UA3DPX + RZ9UA
26. Team Slovenia     S59A   + S56A
27. Team Spain #1     EA4KR  + EA1AK
28. Team Spain #2     EA7TL  + EA9KB
29. Team Sweden       SM3DMP + SM3CER
30. Team UK           G3OZF  + GI0NWG
31. Team Ukraine      UT4UZ  + UT1IA*
32. Team USA #1       K1KI   + K3UA
33. Team USA #2       K3LR   + WA8YVR
34. Team USA #3       K4BAI  + KM9P
35. Team USA #4       K6LL   + N2IC
36. Team USA #5       K8CC   + K5GO
37. Team USA #6       KF3P   + KR2J
38. Team USA #7       KR0Y*  + K1TO
39. Team USA #8       N6TV   + K7SS
40. Team USA #9       W2GD   + W0UA
41. Team USA #10      WX3N   + K5ZD
42. Team Yugoslavia   YU1RL* + YT1AD
43. Wildcard #1       5B4ADA + S53R
44. Wildcard #2       9A9A   + 9A3GW
45. Wildcard #3       DJ6QT* + DJ2YA
46. Wildcard #4       I2VXJ  + I4UFH
47. Wildcard #5       K4UEE  + N6IG
48. Wildcard #6       NP4Z   + WC4E
49. Wildcard #7       RU3AA  + RV3AJ
50. Wildcard #8       UN2L   + UN4L
51. Wildcard #9       WN4KKN + N6TR
52. Wildcard #10      ZS6EZ  + ZS6NW

For additional information about WRTC-96, contact Rusty Epps, W6OAT at 
651 Handley Trail, Redwood City, CA 94062, USA or via e-mail at 
epps at  Past press releases and related WRTC information are 
available by sending an e-mail message to wrtc-info at with 
the two commands #GET HELP and #GET INDEX on separate lines within the 
body of the messge.  You also may access the WRTC-96 Worldwide Web site 

>From Doug Grant <0006008716 at>  Thu Apr  4 01:24:00 1996
From: Doug Grant <0006008716 at> (Doug Grant)
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 96 20:24 EST
Subject: WPX Survey - 2
Message-ID: <04960404012440/0006008716DC1EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

Got a lot of comments on that.

Answers (the questioners know who they are...):

1. Yes, it's true. I *did* bootleg a call. But it was my own old expired call,
not an active call. And not yours. It won't even show up as a unique in the
log-checking procedure. Next time, I'll take the time to get a KB1XYZ bogus
club call, so it'll be legit. Same results, though.

2. No, I will not submit the log towards the YCCC Club Aggregate (smiley thing).
3. No, you weren't one of the guys I hit. Or maybe you were. If I'm not in
your log, then either I didn't hit you or you did the right thing. If I *am*
in your log, you know what you did. Choose your own course of action.

4. Yes, I know that by discussing this in the open, I expose myself to everyone
doing it to me. Or at least the 10 I "caught" will probably try it on me.
Sigh. At least if they're taking the time to bug me, they aren't making Qs

5. No, I did not use a DVP.

6. No, I did not use high power.

7. Let's see now...32 guys didn't log me and 10 did. That's a ratio of 3.2-to-1,
so I guess that's eleventy-seven dB (or is it seventy-eleven?). And if I ran
skatey-eight dB more power, would the ratio go up or down? Or sideways?

I LOVE this hobby!!!!

See you at Dayton. Buy me a beer and I *still* won't tell you who the 10 guys
were. But try anyway.


Doug  K!DG

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