May 96 CQ Contest out

Thu Apr 4 12:16:39 EST 1996

A beautiful spring day here in Raleigh today, mid-70s, sunshine, just perfect
for doing outside antenna work.

Made the trip to the PO box early to enjoy the spring morning air and
sunshine.  Not only did CQ Contest arrive, but brochures for new fishing
boats, the Spring Flyer from MCM Electronics (good buys on some ham and
related items) and a check from a UPS COD shipment.  I now have to decide
whether to spend it on fishing gear, or ham gear at the upcoming Raleigh
Hamfest (April 14th).

UPS NOTE: Recent experience in COD shipments has taught me that when paying
for COD packages, be sure to pay the UPS person with a certified check,
cashier's check, or money order, and not CASH.  They seem to have lost $310
in cash in the Indianaoplis area.

Now on to the subject of this posting.  GREAT cover photo of PY5EG's spread.
 However; very little detail inside on what's there.  It seems that a quick
phone call to Oms could have provided some more detail.

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Cyprus; VHF Contest Forum - profiles of WA8WZG, WA2TEO/1, & K1RZ; 95 SWL
Challenge Results; Monthly Collectible - 50mHz Beacons; HF RTTY Contesting;
The UH8EAA Story; TO5M 95 CQ WW Expedition; and more....

73 and good reading,
Henry Pollock - WB4HFL
henrypol at 

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