Another Attack on Contesting

Lee Hiers, AA4GA aa4ga at
Sun Apr 7 21:03:23 EDT 1996

On  6 Apr 96, RFPWR at wrote:

> K1MAN proposed clear frequencies be set aside for emergency communication
> during contests. He used the opportunity to attack ARRL for not covering the
> activities of his followers. 

I'm sure he would like to see 14275 included in a CFZ.

> Although I appreciated the lengthy one way broadcast to use for my antenna
> measurements, how does he get by with running a broadcast station on 14275? 

The same way W1AW does.  More than once in a contest, I have been
merrily CQing away and W1AW comes on right on frequency with code
practice or bulletins or some such...all without inquiring if the
frequency was QRL.

Oh well.

73 de Lee

Lee Hiers, AA4GA
Cornelia, GA
aa4ga at

>From RONALD KLEIN <0002104829 at>  Sun Apr  7 21:02:00 1996
From: RONALD KLEIN <0002104829 at> (RONALD KLEIN)
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 96 15:02 EST
Subject: W0OSK - new e-mail address
Message-ID: <52960407200225/0002104829DF2EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

-- [ From: Ron Klein * EMC.Ver #2.3 ] --

I don't remember who keeps the CONTESTER e-mail list, so I'll have to post this
change of address. My new e-mail address for the account I want ham related
information sent to is:

	2104829 at

Unfortunately, the MCI Friends & Family account does not allow customizing your
MCI Name as my
old account did, so W0OSK at is gone forever... I wasn't about to
spend $10 per month just to get reflector mail.


Ron Klein - W0OSK
2104829 at

>From Bill Fisher, KM9P" <km9p at  Sun Apr  7 21:23:31 1996
From: Bill Fisher, KM9P" <km9p at (Bill Fisher, KM9P)
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 1996 16:23:31 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Yaesu Reflector?
Message-ID: <199604072023.QAA07202 at>

Is there one?  If not, do you want one?

Question about my new 1000MP...

There appears at first glance to be no way to control the sidetone volume.
If I turn on the monitor, I can turn down the sidetone.  However, with both
500hz filters enabled the sidetone disappears.  Any help appreciated.

Bill, KM9P
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>From Del Seay <seay at>  Mon Apr  8 04:31:01 1996
From: Del Seay <seay at> (Del Seay)
Date: Sun, 07 Apr 1996 20:31:01 -0700
Subject: Contest Exchanges
References: <199604071528.LAA25100 at>
Message-ID: <31688875.3599 at>

AA3JU George Cook wrote:

> So can you imagine trying to explain to some 70 year old guy (a nice guy at that) who just came
> home from church on Sunday AM exactly how to determine what his Hexadecimal
> checksum is?  I have no doubt that Sunday morning contesting would be a
> whole new experience.

Jeeeze - I think I've been insulted. At least the "nice guy" part!

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