Proposed New Contest Exchange

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Mon Apr 8 23:54:33 EDT 1996

The signal report/DXCC issue has come up before and this is what I recall:

No signal report is required for a card to count for DXCC as long as the mode 
is indicated.  (and no mode is necessary if a signal report is listed, at 
least for the CW and SSB awards)  Maybe the mode isn't even necessary if the 
card is to be counted for the mixed mode award...

What say, Bill/K5FUV?

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>From Tom Francis <tomf at>  Tue Apr  9 06:04:51 1996
From: Tom Francis <tomf at> (Tom Francis)
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 1996 01:04:51 -0400
Subject: Proposed New Contest Exchange
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At 06:01 PM 4/8/96 -0400, you wrote:
>>Bill Coleman, AA4LR, said:
>>> Instead of just sending the checksum of your call, we could send the
>>> checksum of the entire exchange. This would permit real-time validation
>>> of the entire exchange, not just the callsign.

        I like Bill's idea. However, after thinking about it a while and 
        reading the reflector postings, I've decided that maybe we ought
        to consider making something like this a multiplier in a seperate
        "accuracy" category. Those who are interested in how well they
        copy, can send a "Q" code, or something as a query, pass the
        "accuracy" exchange for credit and use that as a post-contest
        multiplier - hey, don't shoot, it's a thought!!

        While this discussion has taken place, I've gone through the
        past four years of contest logs and was surprised to find that
        about 6% of the exchanges I've received are "real" as in 579,
        589, (I'm embarrased to admit 539 in one case), etc....inter-
        esting...What's interesting about that, is I"m a strictly low-
        budget, wire antenna, low-power contester - no way I can be
        599 all the time, heh heh heh....

        While it's my turn on the soap box, another change that I've 
        often wanted to make, that is if I were a contest sponsor, 
        would be to REQUIRE a complete exchange (like I think most of
        the rules require) - as in the following - (I'm not picking on
        P40V - they just came to mind)....

        P40V QRZ? (real loud)
        NM1Q (real soft in pileup)
        NM1Q de P40V 599 KW (or serial # - the 599 here is charity) 
        P40V de NM1Q 599 CT TU (or serial # - the 599 in this case is
                                real as P40V is always 599 here)
        P40V QRZ?

        And, as long as I'm here, how about eliminating 5NN and ATT
        and all the shortcuts also - only "real" complete exchanges - 
        you know, actual numbers??

        Ok, I'll go back into QRP mode and real the mail, enough for 
        one month, hi...

        All you DX guys listen for me in the pileups - I'm the weak
        signal, hi....


        Tom, NM1Q (tomf at




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