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Mon Apr 8 23:50:25 EDT 1996

Brian McGinness writes:
>Yes, BUT... If the QSO is to count for DXCC, then a signal report, however
>inaccurate, must be exchanged.

Where did you get this?  I see nothing in the arrl dxcc rules
that talk about signal reports.  They dont really talk about
the info exchanged during the contact - but they do require 
that the confifmation data (read QSL card) must have the callsigns
of both stations, the country, mode, date, time and frequency band. 
>From this I would gather that all that really needs to be exchanged
in the on the air activity is for you to get the callsign of
the other station - and he get yours.  If they dont require the
RST on the the confirmation data - the way would you need to
exchange it?

>Since a lot of the little guys are out there looking for DXCC contacts,
>regardless of the type of contest, removing the signal report would be a
>big mistake.

Wrong - see above.


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>From AA7BG--Matt <AA7BG at>  Tue Apr  9 04:54:31 1996
From: AA7BG--Matt <AA7BG at> (AA7BG--Matt)
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 1996 03:54:31 GMT
Subject: Sum: TS930 ON/OFF switch
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>Same problem here....ya gotta flick your finger across the switch quickly
>and it will stay on..might take several times to work...ive got it down to a
>science now and consider it my own form of theft protection device for the
>930!  haha
>let me know if you find any other answers to your question

Well I'll be switched! I did this and it worked!! The switch is now behaving
itself pretty well. Thanks all for the responses.


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>Get the meter lamps at Radio Shack.  Buy two 12V bulbs with threaded bases
>and operate them in series.  I just replaced mine last week.
>                      73--Brian, K6STI
>                          k6sti at

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>Not to worry... both the switch and lamps are available from:
>Pacific Coast Parts Distributors
>15024 Staff Court
>Gardena, CA  90248
>(310) 515-0207
>(800) 421-5080
>Back in June I ordered both lamps and a new switch from them. Switch was
>$12.99. Shipping was $6.50! Actually I think the lights on this particular
>PO were for a different Kenwood rig, but suspect they have them for the 930 
>too. The switch is their part number KS40-2437-15. You may find that the
>replacement lamps are dimmer than the original ones. 
>73, Larry, WI5A
>Houston, TX

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