Yaesu Reflector update

Joel B Levin jbl at levin.mv.com
Thu Apr 11 14:25:04 EDT 1996

On Mon, 8 Apr 1996 15:37:40 -0400 (EDT) you wrote:

|1000 at xyzoom.alegria.com For FT1000 owners.
|990 at xyzoom.alegria.com for FT990 owners.
|However, there seems to be sentiment that these are inactive.  If popular 
|opinion is that these are dead, I will start a yaesu reflector.  Email me 

They are not dead, exactly, just not very busy.  There has been mail this
week, but lately 3-4 messages/month seems to be about it.  I'm sure Rob
(rob at xyzoom.alegria.com), who administers these, would welcome more

Try sending to 990-request at xyzoom.info.com (or 100-request).


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>From nt5c at easy.com (John Warren)  Thu Apr 11 16:27:18 1996
From: nt5c at easy.com (John Warren) (John Warren)
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996 10:27:18 -0500
Subject: general class code test
Message-ID: <1382904060-8905842 at BANJO.EASY.COM>

Steve AA9AX wrote:

Spacing is the biggest key for guys in your position. Just make sure you
leave spaces between WORDS.  If you do that properly, you can make lots of
boo-boos on any given word(s), and still get the gist of the message, thus
passing the test!


Let me illustrate with a true story.
It was my second shot at the 20wpm test. From my copied text, I had got six
of the seven answers needed to pass - and I was stuck. The next best copy I
had answered the question: "What was this person's job?" From my scribbles
I could only figure that he was A STRONAUT. Now I had never heard of a
STRONAUT, but I was SO close that I sat - and sat - and sat there thinking
(and sweating), while everyone around me was handing in their papers.
Finally, it dawned on me. It's easy now to say it should have been obvious,
but with Extra Class on the line after 11 months of fierce struggle with a
mode I don't enjoy, that was PRESSURE!

Watch those spaces!

73, and GL. John, NT5C.

>From Larry Tyree <n6tr at akorn.net>  Thu Apr 11 16:54:26 1996
From: Larry Tyree <n6tr at akorn.net> (Larry Tyree)
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996 11:54:26 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Internet Sprint Rules
Message-ID: <199604111554.LAA05075 at paris.akorn.net>


Contest period: 01:00:00Z to 03:00:00Z on Sunday April 28th UTC.  This
       is Saturday evening in the USA.

Bands: 40 and 20 meters only (this is a real radio contest, no internet).
       Suggested frequencies are 7030-7050 and 14030-14050. 

Max power output: 150 watts at transmitter output connector.

Exchange: Consecutive QSO number (starting with one), name and state
          or province or DXCC country (if outside W/VE).  The name for
          the first QSO is your name.  For every QSO afterwards, the name
          you send is the name you received in the previous QSO.

Call: CQ INT

The standard sprint QSY rule must be followed.  This means that if you
solict a QSO (ie: with CQ or QRZ), after completing the QSO, you must
QSY at least 1 kHz before calling another station, or 5 kHz before
solicting another QSO.

Both callsigns must be sent during the exchange.  Only one signal at a
time please and all QSOs are to take place on CW.  All information
submitted must have been decoded during the contest.  The use of post
contest detection or verification techniques or systems is not allowed.
Also, do not make round robin type QSOs.  It will be very easy to spot
these with the names floating around.  A round robin QSO is one where
you should QSY, but instead hang around to work the station who is
QSOing the station you gave the frequency to.

You may work the same station multiple times provided they are separated
by at least 3 other QSOs in both logs (regardless of band).  For example,
if WN4KKN works N6TR, KKN must work at least 3 other stations before he
can work TR again.  TR must also work 3 stations before working KKN 
again.  Changing bands does not eliminate the three QSO requirement.  
The three QSOs must not be dupes themselves.

You must not work the same station or stations using any kind of schedule
or system.  It is the intent of the dupe rule to make sure we don't run out
of stations to work.  It is NOT the intent of this rule for you to change how
you would operate the contest if dupes were not allowed.  If, in the log
checkers opinion, you have not lived up to the intent of this rule, your
log will be disqualified!!

Total score is the number of contacts you make.  Any QSO found to be
defective in anyway will be removed from both logs (yes, if someone
miscopies your exchange, you won't get credit for the QSO, so QRS a

Please refrain from using vulgar or inappropriate names.  If you receive
one of these names, feel free to either edit it or replace it with your
starting name.  Make sure to make a note in your log so we know what you did.
Injecting the contest with an inappropriate name (in the log checker's
opinion) will result in a 1000 point penalty per occurrence.  Examples of
inappropriate names may be found on MTV and generally start with the
letter "B".

Additional penalties will be assessed to people who work a significant number
of QSOs, but don't turn a log in.  They will be given minus one point
for each QSO that we can verify actually occurred.

Logs must be sent in ASCII format via internet to n6tr at contesting.com within
72 hours of the end of the contest.  Figuring out how to send in your
log on the internet is PART OF THE CONTEST.  If you need help, we will
try to assist the best we can.  

Logs must show the band, time, station worked, number sent, number received,
name received and QTH received for each QSO.  Also, please tell me the
name you start the contest with.  We will assume the name you send is the
name received on your previous QSO, so you don't have to show that.

Results will be publised on CQ-CONTEST within 2 weeks of the contest.  Logs
are checked using the K2MM LogZap software system.  All checked logs will 
be made available by FTP except for those requested by the submitter to
be kept private.  Decisions of the judging committe are final and arbitrary.  

Good luck, tell a friend and HAVE FUN!!

Tree N6TR
tree at contesting.com

>From Carlos Augusto Silveira Pereira <silver at ax.apc.org>  Thu Apr 11 17:37:32 1996
From: Carlos Augusto Silveira Pereira <silver at ax.apc.org> (Carlos Augusto Silveira Pereira)
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996 13:37:32 -0300
Subject: WPX
Message-ID: <199604111637.NAA07338 at fama.ibase.br>

>What would happen if you think a bit before you send another childish

>message to the reflector? 

>The answer: READ THE RULES FIRST!!! 

>Zoli HA1AG 

>Which files should I send to N8BJQ by e-mail to submit my WPX SSB log?


>Carlos - PY1CAS

Dear Zoli,

If you do not want to answer my request, that is OK! Just try to be

a little bit  politer with people! That was my first WPX! I knew

though the reflector that e-mail entries are possible. However see

that .BIN files are binary files and you need to use the uuencode

program to transfer via e-mail. I was wondering the possibilities to

follow the ARRL procedures (transfer only ASCII files).

If you do not want to reply, just don't reply!!! That is pretty easy.

Be unpolite with ham friends is not Amateur Radio.....

Now you, think a bit about that!

Always QRV anyway


Carlos - PY1CAS

E-mail: silver at ax.apc.org

ps. A lot of american ham friends explained me the procedures and I received

requests of forwarding the replies from two hams because they had the same


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