Pointy tops on Rohn 25

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Fri Apr 12 18:27:21 EDT 1996

Rohn makes one for the pointy top......Might use smaller mast than you 
want....The rotor
shelf might be the better idea...If you ever go for more tower, get the flat 
and be able to use the same bearing............

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Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996 19:12:23 -0400
From: AA3JU George Cook <george at epix.net>
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Subject: Pointy tops on Rohn 25
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I have a pointy top on my tower (Rohn 25)

Is there any type of thrust bearing I can use with this type top to releive
some of the wieght from the rotor?  Due to some metal stress my quad is down
right now and while waiting for the repair part it would seem to be a good
time to add  a bearing if it is possible.

AA3JU  george at epix.net    AA3JU at W3PYF
Proudly  F R C...........
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>From Felipe J. Hernandez" <0006627542 at mcimail.com  Fri Apr 12 22:11:00 1996
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Date: Fri, 12 Apr 96 16:11 EST
Subject: Re. Crap contributions
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   Since so much was said about the crap in the reflector, I dont
   wish to add more, except to comment on what has worked with me so I
   dont become a crap contributor.

   I dont know what your experience is but, for me, the reflector is
   a place like no other, where can you read info about real contesters
   that you admire and also know the opinion they have regarding
   other matters, not only contesting. 

   I am sometimes overwhelmed by the answers and the inteligence displayed
   by some of these well admired guys. Gosh! Its hard to stay quiet and not
   even say "yeah I think the same way here" and Im not even a "famous or
   recognized  amateur". I wouldn't want to take that right from the people 
that feel the same way as I sometimes do. 

   I believe this is a vehicle of expression, like any other. So, there     
should not be a limitation as to what is said. But, on the other hand, 
   consideration is important for people like Jim K1ZX, and myself, as well
   as others that are not aware of all the options in this ever changing 
   world of computers for a better handling of all kinds of mail. Maybe 
   that's the price to pay for ignorance. But, hey!! We're not all created

   There are many people, like myself, who can't always add an intelligent 
   remark to every message sent simply because of lack of time or just  
   because the previous opinion was valid. This is why we should try
   try to be considerate towards the guys who are in this reflector for its 
primary reason which is to improve our operating as well as technical       
   In no way am I putting down the guys with great opinions but, I believe
   there is a place for everything. And, sometimes, it's hard to figure out
   if you're in a reflector of your hobby or in a political debate. On the 
   other hand, the "me too", "I think the same way" expressions take 
   unnecessary bandwidth. 

   I have to say that I still enjoy the reflector but, I have to admit, that

   much of what I am not interested in, is what draws my attention away   
   and makes me less tolerant with the "crap contributors".

   Felipe NP4Z   73's

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