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>Yes, I certainly did get a lot of information out of the articles. I
>started reading your column in NCJ. Your idea of a belt and harness
>designed by a pro for amateurs sounds great to me. I'm convinced that this
>is one of the most misunderstood areas of amateur activity that exists. My
>friends and I have been careful but lucky up to this point. At age 53, I
>want to eliminate the need for luck as much as possible.

Hiya, joe,

     Glad you got the info.  Having just had a recent birthday myself (rhymes
with "nifty"), I think I'm a little more concious of my own mortality.  Since
I've been doing commercial tower work and wearing a full body harness since
1990, I feel naked on a tower without having a separate fall arrest lanyard.
>Please send me whatever you can whenever you want. I do intend to subscribe
>to the CQ Contest magazine though.

     The reprints are only available in hard copy so you'll have to send me
your postal address.
>Funny, guys will go through all the proper steps to avoid high voltages but
>will run up a tower just to "tweak" something without a belt. We lost a ham
>here in Toledo a while back doing just that. He knew better, but....

    Roger.  The last ham fatality that I read about (KM5R I think), did the
same thing -- went up without a belt.  

73 and keep in touch,    Steve    K7LXC

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