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>I have long felt that the ARRL SS needs an additional category. The addition
>of "MULTI-OP LOW POWER" would be an interesting and worthy addition. I would
>regularly enter my station in this category if it existed. It dosen't, so I
>enter m/s QRO....or single op depending on how up to it I feel. HI  
>I think there are quite a few decent contesting groups that would also enter
>this category. Difficult to know for sure isn't it? I suggest a trial period
>of two or three years to see if the category captures sufficient interest.
>You can be assured that AA8U would enter the m/s low power and we would have
>just as much fun with the amp's off as on! 
>This is just my opinion, I could be wrong,

Hiya, Ug --

     I can get behind this proposal.  For a number of years, we operated SS
barefoot 'cause we didn't have an amp.  Since the majority of entrants are
low power anyway, this seems like a logical extension.  In the case of the
current rules, it is a dis-incentive (read - why bother?) to operate multi op
- low power.  The recognition of the CQWW committee to offer a low power
catagory (finally) and also the introduction of new categories for
tribander/wires stations, etc. to me is a step in the right direction.  Since
the only recognition we get for all the time and money invested in our
contest efforts is to see our calls in a magazine, I endorse ANYTHING that
will result in more recognition of the 90% of us participants that'll never
beat Trey, Jeff, George, Ralph, Randy, Rich, Dick, etc.  You wait for the
magazine and the official results for months to see if you cracked the top
ten boxes, you feel great for weeks afterward when you see your call and then
you get pumped up to do better next year!  When you can extend this idea to
more (especially new or modest stations/operators), you increase their
interest and also, guess what?, PARTICIPATION.  BTW, look at the increase in
activity in SS by offering prizes (another type of recognition) for 100
contacts, etc.  

     While I'm not in favor of creating a bazillion categories,  I am in
favor of increased recognition and participation.

73,  Steve   K7LXC     

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Date: Sat, 13 Apr 1996 12:20:45 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Greasing Crank-Ups
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>Date: Sat, 13 Apr 1996 11:51:33
>To: N7AVK <lew at>
>From: Laura Ostrem <laurao at>
>Subject: Re: Greasing Crank-Ups
>Hey Lew,  Go to your nearest John Deere dealer and get a can of spray
lubricant.  My can is in the barn and its snowing so bad now I cant see the
barn.  This stuff is like a paint that drys, and has some graphite or
something in it.  on e it dries, it doesnt collect dust, or come off on your
hands.  I t maybe called a dryfilm lubricant or something like that.  Sorry
for not being more exact,  e-mail be later if they cant help you and I'll
get the exact name.  Jay WC7M on the 1AB Ranch in WY   73

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