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>I am sure it would be more fun if all of us compete for the same
>title. And if would be a thrill if an operator with 100 watts and just
>ONE DIPOLE would be the overall winner.
Hiya, Coen --

     An enticing thought but do you really think that 100 watts and one
dipole can be competitive against all of the aluminum out there?  It would
take one of the best operators in the world to work that miracle and it would
reflect the fact that, yes, he is one of the best operators in the world.
 And he would still beat you and me.  You and I need a category that WE can
compete in and let the world champs fight it out among themselves. 

73 from pileup fodder,   Steve   K7LXC 

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Hi all,

Just some thoughts.

Here in Sweden if anyone discloses what he has heard on ham radio to the
news and other media he is violating an article in the ham-license. The
proper thing to do is to contact the proper authorities and let them handle
the traffic and actions. The ham should stay on QRG and keep the traffic
going until the authorities can take over.
Since we had one station in Sweden who was very much envolved with the
Yugoslavian war helping people locate their relatives it occupied so much
space on the ham bands in the end that he managed to get autorized to use a
QRG OUTSIDE the hamband for this traffic, the traffic had no relation at all
to ham radio and it was not concerning peoples immediate danger in most
cases but helped a lot of people finding out about their relatives.

I strongly suggest to anyone who is seriously involved in emergency traffic,
that might take longer time to solve, get intouch with the authorities so
they know what is happening and then have them issue a temporary QRG for
this traffic if it=B4s an emergency I don=B4t see any problem with them=
so. Since 4U1UN has been involved I can only say that if that station can=B4=
get authorized to use other QRG=B4s than the ham bands I am very surprised.
Because even the Swedish Rescue team are authorized to do so. This would
serve several purposes.

1.      The emergency traffic will be free from interruptions by hams.

2.      The hams have their band and can use it as intended first come first

3.      In a bigger contest it is virtually impossible to keep a frequency
clear for emergency           traffic on the ham-bands due to propagation
changes and other factors and the only               traffic that would
occur would be policemen trying to fend of contesters the whole
time and thus nothing is achieved.

I am all for hams helping out in emergencies (I certainly would if needed)
because we have, I think, the very best operators to handle any radiotraffic
under severe conditions. I think though that the ham-bands always are under
pressure from people who want to use it for other purposes than ham-radio on
a longer term. It is possible to find other QRG=B4s. Isn=B4t MARS in USA=
using other QRG=B4s than the hambands that might be better to use?

I am against=20
any kind of net=B4s or other traffic that keeps narrowing down the free
sections we have=20
for amateur radio. I don=B4t mind people having net=B4s but when they think=
own a QRG
it=B4s wrong! I can=B4t on a DX-pedition own a QRG that=B4s why we have=
QRG=B4s instead of fixed ones. In our club we used to have a summer net? QRG
xxx +- QRM meaning we would move up or down if the QRG itself was busy
already. If a ham can=B4t tune his VFO and listen then something is wrong.

Flame away who cares... but do it to me not the reflector!

73 de Mats SM7PKK
SM7PKK			E-mail: mats.persson at
Mats Persson
S-212 14 Malmoe
Sweden			CW !!

P.S My logs are open forever.. ever.. ever..

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