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Mon Apr 15 19:41:28 EDT 1996

Who was interested in the renewal of the Delaware QSO Party?  I lost your
call and E-mail address and want to reply.  As U of D. grad and former
entrant in old DQP, would love to see it revived.  BUT, stay away from first
and second full weekends in October as the California and Pennsylvania will
drown you out.  Go "Blue Hens"!

73, Doug, W3HDH

>From ken smith <kgsmith at>  Mon Apr 15 23:47:56 1996
From: ken smith <kgsmith at> (ken smith)
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 18:47:56 -0400
Subject: What!CQ late!
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HENRYPOL at wrote:

So I'm at the Raleigh Hamfest Sunday morning, checking out all of the junque,
looking for that great bargain, when I notice that several of the dealers
have the May 96 issue of CQ.  Being an avid magazine reader, I just couldn't
wait until Monday morning to see if my subscription copy arrives at the PO

Does anyone know why the dealers get their retail copies before those of us
that have subscribed get ours?  This phenomenon does not happen with ham
magazines alone.


I finally gave up my subscription to CQ this year due to the ever increasing
occurance of being able to buy the mag off the bookstand long before it
showed up at the door. I figure I can get the four or five worthwhile issues
cheaper than a subscription. CQ better figure out who their main support is
or they may get more and more people like me dropping them.

Ken Smith

>From barry at (Barry Kutner)  Tue Apr 16 00:57:16 1996
From: barry at (Barry Kutner) (Barry Kutner)
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 96 23:57:16 GMT
Subject: Using tubes - new vs. old
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After an 8874 tube blew in my Alpha, I ordered two - one to replace the 
bad one, and one spare. Then I got to reading the Eimac literature 
included, such as the warranty. Apparently they guarantee the tube to 
some degree based on length of time from manufacture to failure.
Sooo, the question for the group is:
Does it make sense to replace an old tube with my new "spare" just in 
case there's a problem with it in the not too distant future (and keep 
the well-seasoned tube now in the amp as a spare)? Or is the failure due 
to manufacturing defect so remote, or proving that it was a manufacturing 
problem so tough, that I should just replace the bad tube?
73 Barry


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>From Sante ( IK0HBN )" <ik0hbn at  Tue Apr 16 04:17:08 1996
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Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 05:17:08 +0200
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I am glad listening this evening our national TV network that MONICA and her
family will land at Fiumicino (ROME) airport on Tuesday at 6.15z . It seems
their adventure has really ended. Nobody will cancel from their mind all
what they saw in Liberia. For the first time I saw her in TV from Dakkar yet
stroken by all happened there. (She was crying). The bitter consideration is
that thousands of people weren't so lucky to go out there.
Thanks to everybody for permitting me an argument not strickly concerned
with our beloved contest activity. Thanks also to the afore listed friends
who send me a direct replay.
73 to all and keep up good job.
Ciao Sante

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