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Although there have been several good responses to AA8U's inquiry about this,
I haven't seen anything about sidemounting AND ROTATING TH7's in a stack.  I
had good luck with a pair of TH7's on Rohn 55 and I rotated the bottom one
using a DX Engineering side mount--which has no really unique qualities--just
good and strong.  I was able to get 300+ degrees of rotation with the black
out area 30 degrees either side of south.  This doesn't go together without a
lot of critical placement, however.  I pre-constructed the center boom
section with just the stubbs of the driven elements on and brought it up for
a test.  It was easy to handle in this configuration.  With the mast loose in
the T2X, I swung it around many times before I found just the right
combination of angles.  Once this was determined tightening and pinning the
boom mounting block assured that the antenna, fully constructed, would go
back in the exact same location.  Be sure to pre-figure which side of the
boom the loading tubes are on--I had to move mine to the opposite side for my
desired south stop.  Even though the elements come within an inch of the
tower in one direction, there was very little change in loading while
rotating. I'm in northern MN and put SS contesting at a high priority, so the
ability to spray in 2 directions is very important.  Partially because of an
insatiable appetite for trying different antennas (also because they are so
much smaller and easier to raise, lower, and adjust), I went to C3's this
past year.  So far they seem at least equal and they are a slam dunk to
rotate on a side mount!   Because of the size and the spread 55'/110', I'm
seriously thinking of throwing a 3rd one in the middle fixed at EU.  This is
a great hobby!  John, K0IJL

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From: Paul Nugent <nugents at> (Paul Nugent)
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 00:05:50 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Revisionist history,  was: 1.Overloaded (booked) Net link providers...
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In my nearly record high mail pile I see that at 08:43 AM 3/1/96 -1000, 
Jim, AH6NB wrote in part:

- Hundreds of words reduced to -

 >W6QHS has done a superior job in running the company he founded all the way
 >back in 1965, wish I had gone with him at the time...
 >73,  Jim,  AH6NB

Actually W6QHS left Itek/ATI for Cal Microwave in the spring of 1968.
At the time Itek/ATI was *very*very*interested* in knowing exactly when
Cal Microwave was founded.  With your earlier date perhaps you will be 
contacted.  At Itek/ATI, W6QHS developed, among other things, clean and very
frequency stable 10GhZ signal sources multiplied up from HF crystals- all
in a gunnplexer size box and it was quite an achievement. His earlier published
research into this was cited just a year or two ago by DJ2LR in a series of 
articles in QEX concerning modern receiver design.  I don't see too many
30 year old footnotes except for very original work.

Back to the mail pile. 

73, Paul, K3ZZ

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