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HENRYPOL at aol.com HENRYPOL at aol.com
Wed Apr 17 17:27:44 EDT 1996

My subscription copy of the May 96 CQ arrived at the PO box today.

I do not claim to be an expert in magazine distribution.  But here is what I
have been able to piece together based on input from CQ staff and mail read
in other magazines in the past.

In most cases, the mag issues are all shipped on the same day via trucking
services to dealers and newsstands, and US Postal Service to subscribers.
 One problem with this is that the trucks are sometimes faster at delivery
that the USPS's ponies.  This problem is equalized somewhat by the truck
shipments having a display date attached.  However, if the dealer/newsstand
jockey decides to ignore the display date notice then you see those copies
before you get your subscription copy.  Plus we all know that the USPS is not
consistent in making deliveries of item X from point A to point B in the same
amount of time.

So if you are seeing copies of the mag somewhere else before your
subscription copy arrives, talk to the Post Office first (be careful though,
some of them are also "big gun" operators, HI).  Also, you might ask the
dealer/newsstand person if he adheres to the display dates.

Wonder what a UPS-delivered subscription would cost?HI

And to please Trey and others who want to keep the reflector strictly
CONTEST-related (see, I used the word!), lets STOP this THREAD here.  So
please, direct any further e-mail both good and bad (e.g., flames) on this
thread to me directly. 

I apologize to any USPS employee that I may have insulted.  Feel free to send
flames, but please, no guns.

Henry Pollock - WB4HFL
henrypol at aol.com

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