Contest Stations Rev. 3 Available!

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Fri Apr 19 21:56:00 EDT 1996

              Contest Station Descriptions 3.0
                      Now Available!

I am pleased to announce the Version 3.0 of my Contest Station 
Descriptions files are now available. Since the release of 
Version 2 in early February, the data in the files has continued 
to expand. I now have references for 400+ US/Canada and 120 DX 
contest stations. Additionally, 175 records have been updated or 
checked since the Version 2.0 release. All in all, the files are 
developing into a great reference work for the inquisitive 
contester. For example, in the US and Canada the files contain 
the records of 28 stations with 15M stacks having 12 or more 
total elements. If you are planning on getting your 15M antennas 
updated for the returning sunspots you might want to take a look 
at your competition. 

As with the last release, the files are available for FTP 
downloading thanks to the help of KM9P. If you have FTP 
capabilities I highly recommend you obtain your copies of the 
files this way. The particulars are:

* FTP Server: (Login as anonymous with your e-mail
address as your password.)

* FTP Directory: /pub/HamRadio/Stations

* File names and types:  
  CONTXL41.XLS   Excel 4.0 Format       166KB
  CONTXL51.XLS   Excel 5.0 Format       186KB
  CONTWD21.DOC   Word 2.0A Format       249KB
  CONTWP51.DOC   WordPerfect 5.1 Format 310KB

The spreadsheet formats are much more usable than the word 
processing formats. Spreadsheets let you easily move around the 
records from cell to cell. Because of the way the text falls in 
the tables, the word document are now 33 pages long and is not 
the most convenient way to review the information. 

If you do not have FTP access I still can e-mail the file to you. 
Just reply to this message and make sure to let me know the 

* What file format you want?
  __ Excel 4.0
  __ Excel 5.0
  __ Lotus 1-2-3
  __ Word 2.0A
  __ WordPerfect 5.1

* What file encoding do you need?
  __ BinHex
  __ MIME
  __ UUencoded

I hope you enjoy looking through the information in these files. 
If you can add anything or just have any suggestions, please send 
me a message. 

Scott Tuthill/AA7TF   Boise, ID USA       stuthill at

(Someday I'll make a .sig file with a cute saying like
 everyone else has....)

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