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OK, I can't resist, I've enjoyed the messages about early stations.  Boy I'm 
feeling old now.

My first license (WN6KIL) arrived in Jan 1965 (age 14).  Soon afterwards my 
Heathkit Twoer was on the air (barely) and I worked some guy called K6STI 
(funny how the good guys are there year after year!).  He helped me fix it so 
I wouldn't be S-zero 10 miles away.  I thought it was a good things for a 
newcomer to have voice capabilities - makes it much easier to find help (an 
Elmer) and all newcomers need them.  That ground plane built on top of a 20' 
2x4 was a killer antenna until the broomstick yagi went up.

My first several months were spent enjoying the new repeaters in southern 
California - on AM not FM!  Field Day with the Tri-County Radio Club was 
a real highlight and eye-opener about operating.  Since the Novice license 
was a one-year non-renewable license at that point (ugh!!) I graduated 
quickly to an S-40 receiver and a tx I can't remember.  Somewhere later (got 
my General) there was an Eico 723, a DX-100 and a homebrew 4-400 (boy, the HV 
with RF really makes fingertips turn white and smell funny).  By then I did a 
few CD Parties, state QSO parties, started the California QSO party, tried 
multiop in DX contests with some local friends and then graduated to W6ANN 
(now W6BA) and learned the ropes from some of the Southern Calif DX Club 
folks (WA6GLD, N6AR and others).  High school was fun!

73 Tom

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>From kf3p at cais.cais.com (Tyler Stewart)  Sun Apr 21 01:13:54 1996
From: kf3p at cais.cais.com (Tyler Stewart) (Tyler Stewart)
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996 20:13:54 -0400
Subject: Contesting and the Internet?
Message-ID: <199604210013.UAA26096 at cais.cais.com>

>>At 10:36 PM 4/19/96 PDT, KM9P wrote:
>>However, I think of guys like K4VX, WB0O, and other remote stations that
>>don't have access to a local packet cluster.  The internet access is an
>>obvious solution for these guys to enjoy all of the spots that the rest of
>>us enjoy.  You prevent them from making direct connects and you further
>>isolate them from the advantages the rest of us in urban areas enjoy.  Or
>>they simply have a friend nearby connect up to the internet directly and
>>pipe the spots over.  So why make a rule that is very simply worked around?
>>It won't be long before K1EA, K8CC or N6TR come up with a TCP/IP networking
>>option for their programs.  Restricting this kind of capability seems silly
>>to me.  
>>Just an opinion.
>>Bill, KM9P
>I have to agree with Bill on this one. Even if you have access to a local
>PacketCluster, you will find that all PacketCluster networks are not created
>equal. My direct comparison between the YCCC network and the local network
>here in the Austin area reveals a tremendous difference in activity. The
>ratio is well over 50 to one. Yes, for every one DX spot here, there would
>be 50 spots on the YCCC network.
>So a multi-op or a single-op assisted would be at a big disadvantage here
>compared to someone on the big east coast networks. If someone here used
>internet to link to the YCCC or FRC, that would help a bit. But it certainly
>wouldn't create any unfair advantage. The local would still have to deal
>with spots arriving late and the geographical difference in location.
>So what's the big deal? Why would there be rules against doing it? Is this
>the first example of trying to limit technological advances in contesting?
>73, Richard - K5NA

Of course, you know where this is going...Internet links between clusters and
tapping into multiple clusters all over the world via internet!

We need to establish a protocol for identification of "foreign" spots on a local
cluster so it can be built into Contest Software Version 10!

Of course, Pavillion will have to finally update their Packetcluster Software
to comply...

73, Tyler KF3P

>From Richard Hallman <ki3v at rnodx.org>  Sun Apr 21 01:14:59 1996
From: Richard Hallman <ki3v at rnodx.org> (Richard Hallman)
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996 17:14:59 pdt
Subject: Contesting and the Internet?
Message-ID: <31797E08-00000001 at rnodx.org>

I run an internet gateway here in Reno and have a PacketCluster node
connected to it.   I ALSO have an RF 220 Mhz and a 440 Mhz backbone
network that links me to the Nor Cal Cluster network to W6GO.

   So whats the problem with using Internet for linking nodes??    It
isnt RADIO!!  

  Many BBS systems now JUST have Internet connections with NO radios
now.  Its easier to call up AT&T and have them drop a backbone to your
door than it is to crawl around on mountain tops installing RADIOs for
backbones and such.  I think we have lost sight of what our hobby
REALLY is.....Its not networking Internet nodes, it SHOULD be looking
for ways to link our networks by RADIO.  Looking into new ideas and
newer technology for data linking via RADIO.    I have an extensive
9600 backbone network here now and though it maybe alot of work...I
know that if we should have an emergency or we are called upon to
deliver messages, we can do it!!    If we ONLY had Internet....Guess
whats the first to drop in an area hit by an earthquake or flooding?? 
Yep....Your AT&T phone switch just died and now where do you go?? 
Guess I sit back in the comforts of my home and wait for AT&T to get me
back on line......   They guys using RADIO and Battery backup are on
line passing traffic and giving Amateur Radio a good name for itself
cause its ready in times of emergency.

    So those who think that Internet during contests are OK, I have a

  I connect directly to other Clusters via my Phone line at my
house....I send a talk message to a fellow in EU and Ask him to QSY to
15 meters where I need him.   Now whats the differnce if I pick up the
PHONE and CALL him and ask him to go to 15 meters or I set up a sked
with him.  Its STILL Telephone and NO RADIO involved!!!

  Maybe we need to just link everybody together and have the computers
on Internet make the contacts while we are on Vacation.....A bit

    Dont get me wrong...I enjoy the Internet linked nodes and think its
GREAT.....But I think during contests we need to stick to RADIO.   I
also feel for WB0O and others that have no proagation or
clusters....But, what do we do for us on the West Coast that wont hear
EU for another several years????    We cant make everybody equal...

   Yep.....You hit a nerve!!  

   Lets invest in building better stations and RF networks instead of
investing in AT&T and your Local ISP.....

          Back to the regular crap messages.....

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11870 Heartpine St           
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