Contesting and the Internet?

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Mon Apr 22 21:46:52 EDT 1996

I was just curious....What happens if I'm in some rare country...say A5....I
bring my PacketCluster software and give it to a A5 station a mile or so
away...He connects to the  Internet and hits a node in say....Italy...:-)....
Now I bring up CT and connect to him via VHF packet..... and get spots from
the Italian Cluster.... 

I am getting my spots via AMATEUR Radio.....Does it REALLY matter where he
gets the spots from?? Is this legal for CQWW for a M/M ?? 

IMHO the use of the Internet to get spots is no worse than getting spots
directly from a node.... We are using the available technology to enhance our
score. Part of being an Amateur is pushing the technological envelope as far
as we can to enable us to provide the most reliable communications in a
disaster situation.I loose sight of the fact that folks NOT on the EAST coast
suffer from LACK of nodes and activity. Why shouldn't the poor soul in
Bumphuk Egypt be afforded the same chance to see what is being spotted?? We
typically have 300 to 700 folks connected at one time on the FRC Cluster
System....The guy in Egypt has noone.... Just a thought..
                                          732 de Doug // N3ADL

>From n4xm at (Paul D. Schrader)  Tue Apr 23 01:34:00 1996
From: n4xm at (Paul D. Schrader) (Paul D. Schrader)
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 96 20:34 EDT
Subject: Contest Dinner Tickets & Rooms
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>Dear dr.  I didn't do too bad in CW SS in KY either if you throw out the
hired gun.
73 Paul N4XM

Dear Contesters,
>The extra tickets I had for the contest dinner are all gone and some 
>of you still made need tickets. I called CQ and they still have a number
>of tickets left, so get them while you can (800-853-9797).
>Also about hotel rooms, boy I hate to give out this great secret, but
>you have caught dr. Bafoofnik in one of his weaker moments. W3GH has
>been able in the past to get a room at Stouffers a day before the
>HamVention. If you don't have a room, or you have a room already, but
>someplace else, call Stouffers now and have them put you on the list!
>The day before many places have rooms because of cancellations and they
>want to move those rooms. (Also for those of you that have rooms reserved,
>but know your not going to keep your reservation, call and cancel the
>The day before it's like gridlock all breaking apart and don't be surprised
>if they call you and ask if you still want a room. I knew of a case
>where four guys who shared a room all made seperate reservations for the
>following HamVention. So Stouffers had three extra rooms!
>Remarks about packet/telnet packet. To me thats not the question, the
>question is why make more rules that can't be inforced! I can live
>with any rules a sponsor may have, but the more rules depend on the
>integrity of the individuals.....Well you get the idea. Contesting 
>morality is just a reflection of society today.....Well you get the idea
>Who really won SS on cw anyways? The envelope please, the winner K1ZX!
>No hired gun, owner operated and built. Congrats!
>dr Bafoofnik ****
>p.s. special added attraction at North Coast/Frankfort hospitality? suite.
>K3WW will take on KN8Z in the second  annual root canal Sprint!
>As you all know Dr. Chas won this one last year 15 to 14 in this one hour
>contest. Your participation is urged!

>From Ward Silver <hwardsil at>  Tue Apr 23 02:00:17 1996
From: Ward Silver <hwardsil at> (Ward Silver)
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 18:00:17 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Rectification as source of interference
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I suffered from strong BCI on 40-meters as a result of rectification in my
Tailtwister control box.  There are several unbypassed diodes in there.
The solution was to bypass every terminal strip connection to ground with
a 0.001uF disc capacitor.  

The symptoms of this type of interference are that it changes character
(possible dropping greatly) when the control box is activated to turn the
rotor.  This causes current to flow through some or all of the diodes,
making them a linear device to the smaller RF current present from control
cable pickup.

73, Ward N0AX

>From w7ni at (Stan Griffiths)  Tue Apr 23 02:03:59 1996
From: w7ni at (Stan Griffiths) (Stan Griffiths)
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 18:03:59 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Elevated Guywire Anchor Posts
Message-ID: <199604230103.SAA14395 at>

>I am in planning stage of next phase of tower project.  It will be 73' of 45g,
>guyed in 2 places per Rohn specs.  I'd like to bring guywires to elevated
>Thinking 3 or 4 feet above ground.  I have access to some fairly good size
>steel posts (4 to 5 inches diamter, hefty wall) but do not know specs of the
>material, as it is surplus.
>Would appreciate any hints, kinks, pros/cons, etc.
>Charlie  KD5PJ/9	ocker at

The advantages of elevated guy posts are pretty obvious.  Head clearance.
Easier to mow grass around them.  You can guy at the same angle without
going as far out from the tower base.

The disadvantages are not so obvious.  Under windy conditions, there is a
tremendous pull horizontally on the top of the post where the guy is
attached.  I have acutally seen such installations with the guy posts
leaning toward the tower when they used to be vertical.  The block of
concrete in the ground actually rotates in the ground allowing the top of
the post to move toward the tower.  One solution is to back-guy the post
with a conventional earth anchor at a rather steep angle.  This adds a LOT
of strength to the system and retains most of the advantages of the elevated
guy posts.

Check the Rohn catalog and see how they do it.  What do you know.  They
DON'T do it at all.  Rohn does not recommend elevated guy posts and I think
for a very good reason.  They tend to rotate in the ground under high
stress.  I would suggest you consult a qualified engineer if you really
insist on elevated guy posts.  Personally, I run my guys clear to the ground
and attach to conventional power company earth anchors.  I did not think the
advantages were worth the risk.

Stan  w7ni at
Aloha, OR

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