Contesting and the Internet

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Mon Apr 22 20:06:02 EDT 1996

<<  I like the analogy of sailboat racing -- it's
fine to use the latest technology to design your boat, trim your sails, 
and even sail your course, but when you use something other than the 
wind for power *it isn't a sailboat any more.*  >>

A very valid point.

However if the crew is using electronic positioning equipment i.s.o. 
the old sextant, it is still the sail boat contest, using wind as the 
force of movement. Satelites and electronics are just other kind of 
tools in the contest.

I suppose one has to accept that the environment is changing. Like 
multi stacked beams now versus long wire in the past.


>From wallace offutt <woffutt at>  Mon Apr 22 23:16:05 1996
From: wallace offutt <woffutt at> (wallace offutt)
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 18:16:05 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Help for 9M2 Contest Operation
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Is there anyone from 9M2 on this reflector?  Or anyone with any recent
experience operating in peninsular Malaysia?  I am trying to get
permission to operate WPX CW from 9M2 with but am having no success in
getting the proper application forms from the Jabatan Telekom Malaysia.

If you can help, please respond direct.  Thanks very much!

Hal Offutt K8HVT
woffutt at

>From Bill Turner <wrt at>  Tue Apr 23 00:27:32 1996
From: Bill Turner <wrt at> (Bill Turner)
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 16:27:32 -0700
Subject: Contesting and the Internet?
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At 09:06 AM 4/22/96 -0500, Ralph Bowen wrote:
>There is a rather simple solution for all this mess.  
>Contest sponsors create two major categories:  
>    1)  The Pure Radio Category
>    2)  The Unlimited Category
>They do not compete with each other and essentially end up with two types of
>"Pure Radio"
>  Like the "old days".  Single-ops have no packet, spotting nets or spotting
>ops, etc.  Just sit in front of the radio & operate.  Multi-ops can only use
>spotting means which are NOT linked by phone lines, Internet, etc.
Sounds good to me.   Could we also limit "Pure Radio" to just ONE radio,
please?  At any one moment, you could be either transmitting or listening,
but not both.  The two-radio fellows are welcome to compete in the Unlimited

73, Bill  W7LZP
wrt at

>From Jim Reid <jreid at>  Tue Apr 23 00:31:01 1996
From: Jim Reid <jreid at> (Jim Reid)
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 13:31:01 -1000
Subject: Misinfo re: SF Bay Area Packet Cluster Gang
Message-ID: <1.5.4b12.32.19960422233101.00674cc0 at>

A few days ago,  I joined in to the "Internet and Contesting"
thread with the following bit,  which,  as it turns out was
full of a lot of inacurrate info on my part,  based,  I guess
on what I thought I knew,  but clearly didn't!!

>> Have been trying to get W6GO,  keeper of the SF Bay Area Cluster
>> to allow OH2BA to post spots to his world-wide internet page.
>> We have no useful DX cluster here in KH6/7 land,  and would be
>> helpful,  I  think,  to know what is being heard in California.
>> Not that far East of Hawaii.  So far no interest by them to
>> allow a telenet tap onto their cluster.  Jukka only takes info,
>> he posts back nothing.  Brad Wyatt told me,  the Bay Area Cluster
>> tried a link with Europe awhile back,  and they got to much info
>> back that was of no use to them around SF,  so they dropped off.
>> This would not happen allowing Jukka to post their spots on the
>> internet.

Jay,  W6GO,  is not the keeper of the cluster,(in fact,  he
does not even live in the SF Bay Area!)  he is  the
Chairman of the Technical Committee;  KN6EL is the President of the
group reponsible for the cluster network which is comprised of 13
SYSOPS.  Jay is pleased to serve in the capacity appointed him by
the group President,  but he is not "keeper of the....Cluster" as
I annointed him in my assumed knowledge.  I had e-mailed to Jay a
few months ago, asking if a link via the OH2BUA web cluster might
be possible.  Jay promplty e-mailed back that a member of the Tech
Comm  would be in touch with me about the subject.  I  had heard
nothing from the group since,  thus my thoughtless openening phrase,
"Have been trying....",  this certainly was not meant as a "flame"
against Jay;  must have just been my own impatience (Sp?) coming
out,  triggered by the thread topic on clusters and contesting.
Jay says he does not have the authority, nor,he says,would he wish it
to either grant or with-hold such a connection to OH2BUA or anywone
else, for that matter!

My story,  which I obviously missunderstood,  of Brad Wyatt's recollection
of the European-SF connection,  is also not correct;  in fact,  at this
moment I don't know what/or if that problem was real and it does not matter.
had only related something to me about something similar when I told him
of our interest out here in getting the SF Area Cluster on the OH2BUA web
link;  Brad thought that,  whatever that former problem was,  might be the
reason for hesitancy on the organization's part to link to the web.  But
now I am not even sure that is what Brad meant or said (you see,  I am
in trouble with a lot of people over this posting  of mine!)

Think carefully before posting!

The good news is that Richard Hallman, KI3V, of Reno, is linked
full time to the SF Area Cluster and has an Internet Gateway set-up. 
He has e-mailed to me a willingness to
set up some sort of link.  Unfortunately for me,  I am too computer
stuff illiterate to really understand what it is Rich has sent to me.
But in time I can learn even that,  or perhaps talk him into connecting
to OH2BUA.

Jay has indicated,  that at least at one time,  the Hawaii Packet system had
been interlinked with VE7CQD, who is linked most of the time via KI3V's
internet gateway to the SF Area Cluster.  At least I have seen nothing get
to Kauai which indicates such a link,  either full or part time,  so must
have been a link of the past.

Well,  you can see how much I can learn, courtesy of a good e-mail
lecture from Jay, W6GO, who must be a heck of a good Elmer to others of
our hobby, young,or old and just plumb dumb, as I am,  or was,  anyway. 

I hope I have mended at least most of the broken truths I transmitted!

73, Jim, AH6NB

>From Rod Greene <w7zrc at>  Tue Apr 23 00:42:00 1996
From: Rod Greene <w7zrc at> (Rod Greene)
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 96 17:42 MDT
Subject: Elevated Guywire Anchor Posts
Message-ID: <m0uBVFP-000iHdC at>


Maybe others can comment on this too, but I have heard of pouring concrete
inside the pipe to make it much stronger.  I have steel I beams for my
elevated guy posts. Found them at the local electrical utility surplus yard
(they were new galvanized beams from a project that never was completed).
You might check your utility as a cheap source of heavy material.

73, Rod

At 11:27 AM 4/22/96 -0500, Charlie Ocker wrote:
>I am in planning stage of next phase of tower project.  It will be 73' of 45g,
>guyed in 2 places per Rohn specs.  I'd like to bring guywires to elevated
>Thinking 3 or 4 feet above ground.  I have access to some fairly good size
>steel posts (4 to 5 inches diamter, hefty wall) but do not know specs of the
>material, as it is surplus.
>Would appreciate any hints, kinks, pros/cons, etc.  Will make a summary avail-
>able for those interested.
>Charlie  KD5PJ/9	ocker at
---- Rod Greene Boise ID - DN13UN - w7zrc at <>< ----

>From Spike Lazar <slazar19 at>  Tue Apr 23 01:05:46 1996
From: Spike Lazar <slazar19 at> (Spike Lazar)
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 20:05:46 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Contest Dinner Tickets & Rooms
Message-ID: <199604230005.UAA07007 at>

Dear Contesters,

The extra tickets I had for the contest dinner are all gone and some 
of you still made need tickets. I called CQ and they still have a number
of tickets left, so get them while you can (800-853-9797).

Also about hotel rooms, boy I hate to give out this great secret, but
you have caught dr. Bafoofnik in one of his weaker moments. W3GH has
been able in the past to get a room at Stouffers a day before the
HamVention. If you don't have a room, or you have a room already, but
someplace else, call Stouffers now and have them put you on the list!
The day before many places have rooms because of cancellations and they
want to move those rooms. (Also for those of you that have rooms reserved,
but know your not going to keep your reservation, call and cancel the

The day before it's like gridlock all breaking apart and don't be surprised
if they call you and ask if you still want a room. I knew of a case
where four guys who shared a room all made seperate reservations for the
following HamVention. So Stouffers had three extra rooms!

Remarks about packet/telnet packet. To me thats not the question, the
question is why make more rules that can't be inforced! I can live
with any rules a sponsor may have, but the more rules depend on the
integrity of the individuals.....Well you get the idea. Contesting 
morality is just a reflection of society today.....Well you get the idea

Who really won SS on cw anyways? The envelope please, the winner K1ZX!
No hired gun, owner operated and built. Congrats!

dr Bafoofnik ****

p.s. special added attraction at North Coast/Frankfort hospitality? suite.
K3WW will take on KN8Z in the second  annual root canal Sprint!
As you all know Dr. Chas won this one last year 15 to 14 in this one hour
contest. Your participation is urged!

>From Esteban J. Morao" <yv5dta at  Tue Apr 23 01:15:46 1996
From: Esteban J. Morao" <yv5dta at (Esteban J. Morao)
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 20:15:46 -0400
Subject: Hello
Message-ID: <01BB3088.9976B600 at>

Hi Guys!
I change providers again! :)
new email address yv5dta at


Steve Romagni Morao BSMIS
Systems Analyst 
Allders International
e-mail:yv5dta at


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