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>A few years back, I seem to remember there being an 
>article in QST(?) about cleaning aluminum elements.  It had
>something to do with using alcohol.  I am looking for a quick
>way to clean elements on a yagi before putting it back 

The scotch brite, etc. angles have been thoroughly covered.... being
inherently lazy, I will put a different spin on this one, for cleaning
without elbow grease...you just dip, or wipe on, wait a few seconds and hose

Go to your local auto paint supplier... they have a cleaners/conditioners for
cleaning and prepping aluminum.... 

Dupont Metal Conditioner # 5717.... is diluted with water... goes a long
ways.... $23/gal

PPG Metal Cleaner       # DX-533     ....    don't know prices
        Metal Conditioner  # DX-579

Denny                   k8do at aol.com

NO... I did not make up the part numbers on the PPG products....

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