Tnx for the QSO, not!

Douglas L. Klein k4lt at
Sun Dec 1 19:17:20 EST 1996

Bill Fisher, KM9P & K4AAA wrote:
> Same thing happened to me (sorta).  I found IQ4A calling CQ TEST MULT de
> IQ4A IQ4A.  Well, I had to be a multiplier right?  He worked me with someone
> elses callsign.
> I also dont think that this is what is meant by M/S, but unless the CQ guys
> address it specifically, then it's not against the rules.  There is nothing
> in the rules that says the multiplier station can not call CQ.
> 73
> Bill
> Bill Fisher, KM9P & K4AAA

Yeah, then we will need a new rule:

"If you are CQing on the Mult Rigs, then the first new mult to be worked
counts towards the 10 minute rule.  Exception:  5 and only 5
transmitters may be used to solicit new multipliers."

Come on, multi-single is ONE transmitter as a run station and ONE
multiplier band transmitter.

That does not mean:  A RUN band TX
                     A RUN band Multiplier TX
                     A Mult TX
                     3 or 4 other MULT TX's calling CQ MULT

I return you to your regular program.

Doug, K4LT

>From n7tr at (Rich Hallman N7TR)  Mon Dec  2 00:57:22 1996
From: n7tr at (Rich Hallman N7TR) (Rich Hallman N7TR)
Date: Sun, 1 Dec 1996 16:57:22 -0800
Subject: NA Software info...
Message-ID: <BMSMTP8494881340Phallman at>

  Anyone have info on the NA BBS???  Number I have never answers....

How abt a number for ordering???

Thanks!    Rich  N7TR

Richard Hallman                         N7TR at RNODX.ORG
11870 Heartpine St                "Big is good...Tall is better!"
Reno NV 89506	            ex: KI3V, A92FN, HL9RH, KI3V/VP9
702 677-1106                            /WP4, /HP, /VO2,  N3AMK

>From nh7a at (Albert Crespo)  Sun Dec  1 17:46:15 1996
From: nh7a at (Albert Crespo) (Albert Crespo)
Date: Sun, 1 Dec 1996 17:46:15 -0000
Subject: Multi-single
Message-ID: <199612020144.TAA16525 at>

	 If the ARRL can have a 2 transmitter category, why not CQWW?
	 For the log checkers, a third transmitter could be spotted if other calls
start to get reported on other logs when the 3rd, and cheating transmitter
is on. Most stations can support two transmitters on at all times,
especially groups  that go on expeditions However, not everybody can fit in
	Keep multi-single, chances are most people will abandon that class because
it is no fun and now there would be an alternate to mult-multi.
	Send your comments to the CQWW committee and see if it can get changed for
					Aloha, Al

>From rthorne at (Richard Thorne - WB5M)  Mon Dec  2 03:46:50 1996
From: rthorne at (Richard Thorne - WB5M) (Richard Thorne - WB5M)
Date: Sun, 01 Dec 1996 19:46:50 -0800
Subject: 160 Q-Wave Help
Message-ID: <32A2512A.13D at>

I plan on putting up a full size quarter wave wire vertical this weekend
for the ARRL 160 contest.  It will be supported by a helium ballon and
have 4 radials on top of my office building.  The roof is 15' high so
I'm going to consider this an elevated radial/feed situation.  I also
plan on raising the feed point 10' off the roof and let the radials

Since this is my first attempt at a vertical of this type I'm looking
for some pointers as far as matching is concerned.  Do I need to build
some sort of a matching system or can I prune the antenna so I have a
low swr with a direct coax feed.

Thanks in advance.  Direct reply's please, I'll summarize and post.


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