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Sun Dec 1 20:09:06 EST 1996

>If the ARRL can have a 2 transmitter category, why not CQWW?

The CQ WW has a two transmitter catagory - it is 
called multi-single. 

>is on. Most stations can support two transmitters on at all times,
>especially groups  that go on expeditions However, not everybody can fit in

In order to do the CQ WW multi-single catagory at a 
competitive level you have to have two stations - many of
the serious stations use at least three stations.
One running, one working multipliers and one tuning on
the third band looking for multipliers so that in ten minutes 
they will have some to work.

I do not think this needs to be changed - anymore than I see 
a need to change the catagories in the ARRL DX contest.
I think that it is GREAT to have contest catagories that
are diffrent. In the ARRL DX contest there is a "real" one
transmitter class. 


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Date: Sun, 1 Dec 1996 22:52:04 -0700
Subject: SRI State of Amateur Radio, contesting, etc etc
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>Larry - Now K2GN, Ex - KD2NT, Ex Ex - WA2KRZ

Hey, that's a great CW call! Don't quit yet. Expecially if you're in NNY.

73, Matt--K7BG

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