K5ZD CQWW CW Story (Long)

Jerry Fray jefray at comsys.net
Wed Dec 4 11:16:00 EST 1996

albraun at socketis.net wrote:
> >Randy, why put all this on the contest reflector?  It really messed
> >up my ISP email server and gave me lots of frustration just to
> >download it.  IT IS TOO LONG!!  It caused many errors and was too
> >lengthy.  I don't need to see your breakdown report.  Let those who
> >want it request it. Also, your test was TOO LONG.  I just deleted it.
> As a "little gun" I find it very interesting & educational to see
> how the big guys do a contest.  I wish more of the top stations
> would do posts like this.  Thanks Randy!

Atta boy Randy!  Best reading I've seen on since B.V. (Before Vanity).
Where are the rest of you guys at, we need more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jerry KB9NMU
"No Code - No HF....Know Code KNOW HF!"

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