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Wed Dec 4 12:12:06 EST 1996

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>GO back to doing it that way, never!!  To quote an all to popular phrase I
>been there, done that, but in this case i don't want to do it again.
      Talk about sending a shudder up my spine.  ARGH.  Trying to do both
CQWWs and one or two SSs was really a nightmare.  What a stack of paperwork.
 Thanks, Kenny, Tree, Dave, et al.!!  

      BTW, Tree, whatever happened to the TR Duping Service - hi.

73,  Steve  K7LXC

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>From Istvan.Bogyo at (Bogyo Istvan)  Wed Dec  4 17:12:20 1996
From: Istvan.Bogyo at (Bogyo Istvan) (Bogyo Istvan)
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 1996 18:12:20 +0100
Subject: CQ-WW-DX-CW 1996 experience
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Dear Friends,

The first time in my ham radio career on Sunday, November 24 I felt I am
going to throw everything out of the window (I live on the 14th
floor...), burn all my precious QSLs and forget about amateur radio. Ten
days later I am calm and even look for DX, but I think I have to share
this with you.

The reason of being uuuuppppset (=mad) was the behaviour of the several
hundred PacketCluster (TM) users who worked the 160 meters band Saturday
night. Although I got five new ones (3C, 9Y, J3, KC6 and XX9), several
other QSOs (HS0AC, 4V2A, etc.) have been ruined by the herds of
Europeans who seemed to forget to use their receivers, and have been
calling and calling and calling. This "calling contest" was something
that I was not prepared for! HS0AC for example, could not make a single
contact in 6 minutes, because every time he called someone, like DL7??
DL7?? agn agn BK, at least two hundred stations felt like having a
callsign similar to DL7??. Even if he got a full call, like UX0UN UX0UN
59926 59926 BK, the same herd called him for minutes.

Top Band has always been the "gentlemen's band", so I would like to have
your input on how can we do something against this behaviour.  

73 es DX

Steve HA0DU

>From n4bp at (Bob Patten)  Wed Dec  4 17:26:33 1996
From: n4bp at (Bob Patten) (Bob Patten)
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 1996 12:26:33 -0500 (EST)
Subject: K5ZD CQWW CW Story (Long)
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On Wed, 4 Dec 1996, Jerry Fray wrote:

> Spike Lazar wrote:
> > 
> >   From: NBC,CBS,ABC,CNN, MSNBC & BNS (Bafoofnik News Network)
> > 
> >   The poles have been open 30 seconds and judging from the
> >   exit votes dr. Bafoofnik predicts K5ZD will carry the
> >   reflector by a landslide. We are still awaiting N3RR's
> >   conceiting statement!
One vote on the side of N3RR (even though it will still be a landslide).  
While my ISP handled it just fine and I experienced no errors, I was 
"forced" to sit for considerable time (I'm not a speed reader) out of 
fear that I might miss a jewel essential for my own self-improvement.  
The jewels were there, of course, but many of my valuable minutes were 
used up in the process.  This kind of post needs to be condensed to just 
display the jewels so that we "reading impaired" can concentrate on more 
important things - like memorizing all the new vanity calls!  I know, I 
know, take an Evelyn Woods course.........     :) :) :)
Keep 'em coming, Randy - but, you guys with vanity calls, don't expect 
for me to know who you are!

Bob Patten, N4BP

>From jtw2 at NIOSR1.EM.CDC.GOV (Wassell, James T.,  Ph.D.)  Wed Dec  4 17:52:00 1996
From: jtw2 at NIOSR1.EM.CDC.GOV (Wassell, James T.,  Ph.D.) (Wassell, James T.,  Ph.D.)
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 96 12:52:00 EST
Subject: WX3MAS
Message-ID: <32A539E1 at>

How can your club president preempt the authority of the FCC?
Operation is only restricted by the license class of the trustee and the 
control operator.
At least those are the rules as I remember them.  Your club president has no 
jurisdiction over frequency privledges or emission type.
                              Terry,      K3JT........

P.S. I have one of the WX3MAS QSL's from years ago and I think it was a CW 

>From n0ss at (Tom Hammond)  Wed Dec  4 17:41:51 1996
From: n0ss at (Tom Hammond) (Tom Hammond)
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 1996 11:41:51 -0600
Subject: K5ZD CQWW CW Story (Long)
Message-ID: <199612041741.LAA12444 at>

At 11:16 AM 12/4/96 -0500, Jerry KB9NMU wrote:

>Atta boy Randy!  Best reading I've seen on since B.V. (Before Vanity).
>Where are the rest of you guys at, we need more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I REALLY want to know is how does he keep track of all
those (real-time) activities in order to be able to relate
them back to us AFTER the contest is over?  Randy, do you
video tape the entire contest?  Kinda like the WRTC?  I
cannot imagine being able to EVER re-think what I was doing
at a particular time, much less how strong the guy was, or
whom I was getting QRM from .5 kHz away.

Undoubtedly the very BEST write-up I've read here, so far...
'course, I've only been subscribing for a few weeks now.

73 - Tom Hammond   N0SS

>From n0ss at (Tom Hammond)  Wed Dec  4 17:41:53 1996
From: n0ss at (Tom Hammond) (Tom Hammond)
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 1996 11:41:53 -0600
Subject: QST all contesters and CW fans
Message-ID: <199612041741.LAA12446 at>

At 11:32 AM 12/4/96 -0500, you wrote:

>Gang I am going to use a little of your bandwidth 
>with a desperate plea for help.

>My local Ham Radio Club the Delaware Lehigh ARC is 
>holding it's annual special event for Christmas time 
>on the weekend of Dec 14 - 15 using the call sign 

>Well this ARRL affiliated club whose president is a 
>No Code tech has FORBIDDEN the use of CW for this 
>officially sanctioned event.  

How would he like it if he had NO HF operators to 
operate?  And he only could operate VHF/UHF?  That
might cause him to re-think his position a bit.

Just a good ole rebellion!

>You read that correctly those were there EXACT words 
>CW was to be FORBIDDEN.  I guess the influx of the 
>codeless crowd has gone that far, the local voice of 
>the ARRL would speak those words.  Mind you they gave
>me some drivel that CW was not a popular mode and few
>people would make contact with them in that mode and 
>that the Techs would not be able to enjoy the station.

>I have managed to convice one of the old timers to let 
>me and a friend set up a classic home brew CW station 
>seperate from the main station.  It will be on from 
>00:00z to 02:00z on Sun Dec 15.  (Thats 7 to 9 pm eastern
>time Sat)  And this is where you come in.

>I need all of my brother and sister contesters to listen 
>for us on 7.047 + or - during that time I NEED your pile 
>up! Only a contester would understand and have enough fight
>in them to be able to pull this off.  The signal will be 
>weak only about 35 watts or so.

>Lets show these fellows that we who struggled so hard 
>to learn this mode will never allow it to be FORBIDDEN 
>for any reason.  Lets let them know that what happened 
>to the MARS frequencys will not happen on the amateur 

>Please don't let this turn into a huge battle over code/
>No code requirments now it seems we are fighting for our 
>very survival.

>Please help.

>If you hear WX3MAS on SSB ask for a CW qso, and please 
>work this station on 7.047 12/15/96 00:00 to 02:00z

Will post this message in the shack and will do my best 
to find you for a CW-only QSO.

Good luck... and Ptoooie(!) to your club president.

Tom Hammond   N0SS

>From 71111.260 at CompuServe.COM (Hans Brakob)  Wed Dec  4 17:45:59 1996
From: 71111.260 at CompuServe.COM (Hans Brakob) (Hans Brakob)
Date: 04 Dec 96 12:45:59 EST
Subject: My Wealthy Contesting Friends
Message-ID: <961204174559_71111.260_EHM73-1 at CompuServe.COM>

K4SB said:

> BUT, there's no way a KW ( unless it's the most inefficient KW in the 
> world ) can take back seat to 100 watts. Skill could do part of it, but 
> I'd start seriously looking at my antennas. When it comes to a
> tribander vs a tuned wide spaced 5 el 20, you are definitely not 
> talking about skill.


Common sense says you're absolutely right....

....but experience says you're absolutely wrong.  N0AT has been doing
this to all comers in Minnesota for a decade or more with a good (but 
not "awesome") city lot antenna farm. I would LOVE to see Ron operate
from a "world class" station at a more advantaged longitude and
latitude some day.  

You might find the band comparison for SS Phone below interesting.

K0HB and N0IJ both ran HP.  Probably neither of us is a candidate for
"contester of the year" but we both have put a few walnut plaques on 
the wall over the years.  N0AT ran low power.  He beat us both, and 
he did it mainly on 40 meters, not on a higher band with wide-spaced 

          K0HB   N0AT   N0IJ
          1KW    100W   1KW     
 160        0     16     16
  80      234     95    332
  40      457    712    167
  20      651    468    835
  15       19     75     11
         ----   ----   ----
 Total   1361   1366   1361

Over the years I could show you dozens of maps just like this, and
usually the margin is a lot more than 5 QSO's.

I stand behind my assertion that skill beats power/hardware EVERY

73, de Hans, K0HB
"Second Place" is just a polite name for "First Loser"

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