10 Meter Contest Free Zone

Franklyn Brooker intech at carib-link.net
Wed Dec 4 19:40:35 EST 1996

Lunt, Billy, KR1R wrote:
> There has been some discussion about the ARRL 10-Meter Contest rule change
> concerning the "Contest Free Zone" because of a recent change in the rules
> in Argentina to permit their Novices to operate in this segment, as well as
> higher in the band. The ARRL contest rule change was made effective with the
> 1995 contest, before the change was made in Argentina. The contest rules
> state "The frequencies from 28.3 through 28.35 MHz are designated as a
> noncontest window. (This means that stations may not call CQ contest in this
> window.)"
> If you're participating in the contest, you can't call "CQ Contest" between
> 28.3 and 28.35. That's quite clear, but there's no prohibition against
> answering someone else's "CQ Contest" in the window. They shouldn't be
> soliciting contacts on those frequencies either if they are planning to
> enter the contest, but if they are just DXing and are not planning to send
> in a log, there's nothing to penalize them for. You won't incur any penalty
> or risk by answering them, any more than you would if you coaxed a ragchewer
> into giving you a point. On the other hand, if you are competing don't try
> to get around the rule by using "QRZed contest" or something similar instead
> of "CQ"; this would be in clear violation of the intent of the rule and you
> would  be risking disqualification from the contest.
> A rules change can always be considered for next year, based on whatever our
> experience is this year.
> 73,
> Billy Lunt, KR1R
> Contest Manager, ARRL
> 860-594-0252
> kr1r at arrl.org
> blunt at arrl.org

I have just downloaded the 11/4/96 update of the rules from arrl for the
10M contest.

There is a worry here.

If there is a CQ free zone, how can I respond to one calling CQcontest
in that zone apparently without penalty?

Is QRZed contest = to CQ contest ? 

If I were to work some LU novice in this zone in the contest, on
completion of this contact, can I not call qrz if I thought there was
another station waiting for a contact ?

Of course I am not sure that I ever operated that low on 10m, but during
low sunspot, one has a lot of time to tune in white noise or whatever
colour it is.

Frank 9Y4VU

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