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>I would rather see posts like that on the 3830 reflector where they
>get grabbed to be referenced on the web page at
>this seems like a more appropriate place and it provides for random
>access by those who want to see info from specific stations instead
>of shotgunning it to the world.  after all the 3830 reflector was
>created just for that purpose and it took quite a bit of the load
>off this one after major contests, which even though i have a real
>isp and my software can handle it i got pretty tired of seeing every
>one post their scores to this reflector.  

Hi, Dan --

     QSL.  Wading through all of the score postings was a PITA.  Thanks to
Bill, KM9P, for giving us a virtual 3830.

>please lets keep scores and related stuff on the 3830 reflector 
>where they get collected, catagorized and summarized for those who
>want to see them.
     While I agree with keeping the scores on 3830 and the summaries here by
Jimmy Floyd (another big thank you, sir), IMO what Randy's post represented
to me WAS the whole point of contesting.  The thrill of the hunt, the
frustrations, the all too familiar spaced-out zone, the tips, etc.  Randy
gave me ideas of what else I can do, the attitude and hardware required and
was very candid about it all.  I can experience it vicariously along with the
post by Jose from 9Y4, 15M single band from the East Coast, etc.  There is no
other place where these stories can appear while they are so fresh in
everyone's mind.   By the time you get to Dayton, everyone's on to something
else.  It's old news by the time it gets into the NCJ.  The bigger magazines
aren't interested in them.  The contest writeups in the magazines can squeeze
in a few words in the soapbox about "working my last zone" or something
similarly pithy but they can't and won't print the whole story.  This
CQ-CONTEST reflector IS the place where they belong.  It's all about

     Before I was on-line, the thing that interested me most about the
internet was this reflector.  Imagine, guys and ladies talking about
contesting 24 hours a day!  WOW!  Thanks to Randy for taking the time to
write it all up and let me read it.  Also thanks to Jose, Fred, John and all
the other guys that do the same.  I appreciate it.

     Now if I can just get the bugs out of the New England remote station...

73,  Steve  K7LXC

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