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 On Sun, 1 Dec 1996 20:09:06 -0600 (CST) geoiii at (george fremin
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 >In order to do the CQ WW multi-single catagory at a 
 >competitive level you have to have two stations - many of
 >the serious stations use at least three stations.
 >One running, one working multipliers and one tuning on
 >the third band looking for multipliers so that in ten minutes 
 >they will have some to work.
 >I do not think this needs to be changed - anymore than I see 
 >a need to change the catagories in the ARRL DX contest.
 >I think that it is GREAT to have contest catagories that
 >are diffrent. In the ARRL DX contest there is a "real" one
 >transmitter class. 
 George has it exactly right, and for this reason my favorite contest is
 ARRL DX CW M/S, where three or four guys can have a lot of fun, a
 reasonable amount of sleep, and enough engineering talent to keep the
 station on the air. I think of CQ WW M/S as a warmup to ARRL.

I think it is important that we keep a REAL multi-single category (which is
what we have in ARRL DX) where two or more people can actually compete using
a SINGLE radio. I don't love the restrictions imposed by the 10 minute rule,
but I can live with that as the price for not having to have2- 5 full
stations to compete in M/S. Many people get their first taste of competitive
contesting from a multi/single operation, and to make it necessary to be
multi-multi equipped (as the M/S types from CQWW seem to be) surely cuts down
on this category. 
If I put on my DXpedition contesting sandals (I try to go where the sun is
warm!), this becomes even more important to me. Who wants to lug W3LPL's
station around in order to do a weekend operation with one or two other guys?

If any rules are changed, I'd like to see M/S as is now practiced in CQWW
made into limited M/M or M/2. There is no CQ M/S category IMHO.

Very 73,

WA4DOG (ex: AA4NC)

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