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Thu Dec 5 16:52:08 EST 1996

I am in the process of buying some 2" 1/4 wall chrome molly masts.
Since I have mortgaged the house to buy the stuff I am wanting to save
a few bucks and paint it instead of galvanizing it.

I guess I will just use cold galvanizing paint but from my past experience the
cold galvanizing seems to come off very easily.

The cold galvanizing has been the spray type maybe there is a better brush
on type I am not aware of.

Some folks say not to paint it since it will get a light brown look and that
is all. I wonder when I climb the mast will I get rust all over me? I hate
to be all yuckey when climbing...and climbing a rusty mast just does
something to my confidence.

As a side note does anybody know where I can get some new knobs for my
Alpha 77dx? Alpha doesn't have any left.

I will be in the contest this weekend and Saturday turn the ripe
old age of 50. If I am going slow just be patient...because I was slow
on cw when I was 30 and don't seem to be improving.

This isn't a hobby it's a sickness...but I love it..

Sam K9SD that's "South Dakota in Illinois"

Thanks for reading this and any possible help.


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From: Fatchett.Mike at tci.com (Fatchett, Mike) (Fatchett, Mike)
Date: 05 Dec 1996 15:33:25 -0700
Subject: What Is This?
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Well what you would want to do is use another call ie your club call,   
wife. kid etc.. and tell them to go work you on 10M.  This way you can   
plainly say that you were only on 10m.

Ok just a joke.

I never had thought about moving all the good mults that I worked on   
other bands after 10 or 15 died or even setting up scheds.

I agree that these ideas tend to tarnish the true single band entry.


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