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Thu Dec 5 21:37:43 EST 1996

Comes the day of the contest, and I can't find my old, trusty
DX Edge. Anyone point me to a site to download software for a 
real-time graphic depiction of sunlight/darkness/graylines?


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Subject: Vanity site address
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     I found it just after I sent the msg to the reflector......   

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Subject: Single Band Rules (was What Is This?)
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At 01:10 PM 12/5/96 -0800, you wrote:
>Jimmy R. Floyd wrote:
>> My only opinion as to what single band means is this:
>> Single Op
>> No Packet
>> No Nets or Internet
>> Noone passing anything to them or themselves soliciting calls on other
>> bands.
>I have always been curious if I were single band 10 meters and going got 
>slow, if I could go to 15 and try to move mults or qsos up to 10.  My 
>instinct was it would violate the spirit of being single band.
>Ant ideas?
>Chuck, KE5FI

Chuck, according to the thread recently, this passing of mults from another
band is perfectly legal as described in Bob Cox's book.  But I am really 
offended by the idea--passing mults from another band--even from/to oneself 
is not much different than packet.  You are being assisted--if only by better 
propagation on another band, a band that you are not competing on.

I feel strongly enough about this that I want to start a grass roots movement
to petition Bob to change his interpretation.  It puts stations that would
do a single band effort, because they can't do an all band effort, at a
to those stations that are all-band equiped and choose to do a single band
and move mults around.

I think a single band effort should be just what it says ----- a single band
Not some hybrid of interpretation, you can do this but you can't do that.
(ie its ok to move mults from other HF bands but not from VHF bands -- packet)

Anything more is crap----put this way because I am at a loss for words to
what I really think!

I would appreciate hearing from anyone else, either directly or on the
that feels that single band entries should be limited to operation on that
single band.  I also am not very comfortable with the interpretation of moving
mults from one mode to another and would like to hear what others think
about this practice as well (both single band and all band).

73  John  

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