Barbados Contest QTH needed ARRLDX CW

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Thu Dec 5 22:21:00 EST 1996

Looks like I'm gonna be in Barbados for the weekend of ARRLDX CW 
Feb.15/16 1997. I have a Barbados call 8P9EN but am looking for 
an equipped station that would let me operate OR a multi op 
effort that needs another op. Not looking forward to another 100w 
R5/dipole at 20 ft effort at the resort so any help from a Barbados 
local or Dxpeditions would be appreciated.

Send to:
Rob Kaufmann VE4GV (8P9EN)
rkaufman at


>From aa0cy at (ROBERT WANDERER)  Fri Dec  6 04:31:20 1996
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 20:31:20 -0800
Subject: 10 Meter Contest Free Zone
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The best rules change would be to eliminate this totally
unnecessary Contest Free Zone on this and on other band.
I see no logic to it.   73, Bob AA0CY
From: 	Lunt, Billy,  KR1R[SMTP:blunt at]
Sent: 	Wednesday, December 04, 1996 2:05 PM
To: 	CQ-Contest Reflector
Subject: 	10 Meter Contest Free Zone

There has been some discussion about the ARRL 10-Meter Contest rule change 
concerning the "Contest Free Zone" because of a recent change in the rules 
in Argentina to permit their Novices to operate in this segment, as well as 
higher in the band. The ARRL contest rule change was made effective with the 
1995 contest, before the change was made in Argentina. The contest rules 
state "The frequencies from 28.3 through 28.35 MHz are designated as a 
noncontest window. (This means that stations may not call CQ contest in this 

If you're participating in the contest, you can't call "CQ Contest" between 
28.3 and 28.35. That's quite clear, but there's no prohibition against 
answering someone else's "CQ Contest" in the window. They shouldn't be 
soliciting contacts on those frequencies either if they are planning to 
enter the contest, but if they are just DXing and are not planning to send 
in a log, there's nothing to penalize them for. You won't incur any penalty 
or risk by answering them, any more than you would if you coaxed a ragchewer 
into giving you a point. On the other hand, if you are competing don't try 
to get around the rule by using "QRZed contest" or something similar instead 
of "CQ"; this would be in clear violation of the intent of the rule and you 
would  be risking disqualification from the contest.

A rules change can always be considered for next year, based on whatever our 
experience is this year.


Billy Lunt, KR1R
Contest Manager, ARRL
kr1r at
blunt at

>From rlboyd at (Rich L. Boyd)  Fri Dec  6 06:33:05 1996
From: rlboyd at (Rich L. Boyd) (Rich L. Boyd)
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 01:33:05 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Drawing the Line
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91-FP.961206012800.18957F-100000 at>

Hi, Al.  Yeah, I think having the robot or "automated past a certain 
point" stations compete in their own category makes sense.  Could add a 
certain sort of fun to things, especially for those who think building 
such devices would be a technical challenge, etc.

Another thing occurred to me...yes, the computer can control the rotator, 
etc.  I mean, we could even say that turning an antenna with a rotor 
wasn't "primitive enough."  We could say all rotating must be done by the 
armstrong method, ropes and pulleys, etc.!  hihi.

The debate reminds me a little of what's happening in hunting.  
Bowhunting became quite popular among some as a more traditional way of 
hunting.  Game departments responded with a months-long bowhunting season 
compared to the 1-2 week long "regular firearms season."  Well, the 
bowhunters went from longbows and recurves to sophisticated compound 
bows.  Then the muzzleloader primitive firearms guys said "Hey, 
bowhunting has worked out.  How about us?"  So special muzzleloader 
seasons were added, then expanded.  Now we have a couple weeks of 
muzzleloader before the 2-week regular firearms season, and a couple 
weeks more of muzzleloader after the 2-week regular season.  But the 
muzzleloaders now have composition stocks and various other modern 
features!  So, the debate about "primitive" versus "modern" exists in 
other "sports" too!  hihi.  Oh, and how about motion detectors, heat 
sensors to spot the deer, extra light gathering optics, etc.!

73 - Rich Boyd, KE3Q

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