10 Meter Contest Free Zone

David Robbins k1ttt at berkshire.net
Fri Dec 6 00:15:47 EST 1996

Lunt, Billy, KR1R wrote:

> answering someone else's "CQ Contest" in the window. They shouldn't be
> soliciting contacts on those frequencies either if they are planning to
> enter the contest, but if they are just DXing and are not planning to send

so if i'm not planning on entering the contest, then later decide to
send in 
a log because i ended up doing pretty good i could still be dq'ed?  at
bottom of the last sunspot cycle i did a single band 10m test just
around and didn't think about sending in a log until someone told me i
have done good... i ended up with a certificate for a contest i wasn't 
really in, but was thrilled since it was one of my first contests... how
i have felt if i got dq'ed instead?  would i still be contesting

> of "CQ"; this would be in clear violation of the intent of the rule and you
> would  be risking disqualification from the contest.

ok, so i don't call cq there, i call cq at 28355 listening at 28345 and
355, use double
the bandwidth and force the lu novices that have the equipment and want
to work
me to work split?  that sounds like it is within the rules, but sure
make much sense.

and who are the police that are going to monitor this rule?  or are you
going to accept complaints from anti-contesters as enough to rule
someone?  what about the recent reports of qrm'ers recording a contest
and playing it back, whats to stop them from playing it back below 28350
to get someone dq'ed?  or not even being that imaginative and just
calling cq
with someone else's call?

> A rules change can always be considered for next year, based on whatever our
> experience is this year.

i hope it will be... maybe at the same time we can get rid of the 160m
dx window.

David Robbins K1TTT (ex KY1H)
k1ttt at berkshire.net   or   robbins at berkshire.net

>From K9PG at sbbs.net (K9PG)  Fri Dec  6 00:43:38 1996
From: K9PG at sbbs.net (K9PG) (K9PG)
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 18:43:38 -0600
Subject: Web Site For Vanity Call Submission
Message-ID: <0000ACAF.3115 at sbbs.net>

     I have look here and there for the web site to submit a vanity request 
     and can't find it...    can someone help me please?
     Direct replies por favor
     K9PG at sbbs.net

>From k7fr at concord.televar.com (Gary Nieborsky)  Fri Dec  6 00:58:42 1996
From: k7fr at concord.televar.com (Gary Nieborsky) (Gary Nieborsky)
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 16:58:42 -0800
Subject: paper logging
Message-ID: <199612060058.QAA07592 at concord.televar.com>

Ahhhh....fond memories......spilling coke on the dupe sheet, trying to read
the dupe sheet from the previous barely literate op, getting the sequence
numbers out of sync from log page to log page, finding you didn't really
work a ZL in zone 2 but an LZ in zone 20 because the last op was
dyslexic.......nostalgia is fine for thing that are nostalgic....
.contesting is not one of these.

I think a line has to be drawn at some point defining the minimum humanoid
involvement.  My suggestion is this:

All copying of the exchange (including typing it into the computer) must be
done by a biological unit.  Band changes, run/s&p frequency selection,
overall strategy of how the contest will be worked will be done by
biological units.

A biological unit would eliminate the possibility of the Borg getting into
contesting and assimilating us.

The rest of the wiz-bang gadgetry we use are tools and can be used as

Shields up, flame on!

Gary K7FR

At 10:12 AM 12/4/96 -0600,Larry Lindblom wrote:
>Back in the late 60's and early 70's I made several serious efforts in CQWW
>and ARRL DX tests.  Efforts that paid off in a piece4 of wall paper. Of
>course in those days it was paper logging.  I still remember a desk covered
>with log, dupe and check sheets.  I remember those minutes spent digging
>thru the scattered pages to find the correct sheet.  I remember digging thru
>the garbage to find a log page that accidently fell in the waste paper can.
>I also clearly remember the after the contest nightmare of getting the log
>cleaned up before submitting it.  
>Now days my contest efforts are less serious or I spend my time at a M/S
>station.  But, logging is a dream come true.  Type in the call punch a
>button, check for a dupe, work it, log it, etc.  After the contest there
>will be a little clean up work before submitting the log.  However, it is a
>breese compaired to recopying the log by hand.  
>GO back to doing it that way, never!!  To quote an all to popular phrase I
>been there, done that, but in this case i don't want to do it again.

>From w8ik at ibm.net (Joe Subich)  Thu Dec  5 20:10:27 1996
From: w8ik at ibm.net (Joe Subich) (Joe Subich)
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 96 20:10:27
Subject: No subject
Message-ID: <199612060110.BAA15696 at smtp-gw01.ny.us.ibm.net>

In <v02120d01aeccd54567ea@[]>, on 12/05/96 
   at 12:43 PM, snace at tdrss.wsc.nasa.gov (Steven Nace) said:

>Where can I find an UPDATED list of available 1X2, 2X1 and even 1X3

>I tried the KA9FOX web site and found an excellent list provided by
>AD8I. Unfortunately, it has not been updated since gate 2.

Look to QRZ ... since Fred automatically generates a list of unassigned
calls daily I've stopped trying to keep track of the changes (looking at
KI4NH or one of the other sites for new calls and editing the old list

The only "downside" is that the QRZ list includes ALL unassigned 1x2 and
2x1 calls, including those that are within the two year "hold" period. 
If you see something you like, you need to find a 1995 Callbook or
CDROMs to see if it was listed. 


   ... Joe Subich, ex-AD8I
       <W8IK at ibm.net>
       <jsubich at ibm.net>

>From wrt at eskimo.com (Bill Turner)  Fri Dec  6 01:49:00 1996
From: wrt at eskimo.com (Bill Turner) (Bill Turner)
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 1996 01:49:00 GMT
Subject: Computer/Rig: On/Off Daily?
References: < at aloha.net>
Message-ID: <32a879ae.2259193 at mail.eskimo.com>

On Wed, 04 Dec 1996 14:29:12 -1000, jreid at aloha.net (Jim Reid) wrote:

>Of who contest using computers with their rig operation,
>do you turn the computer on each day;  the rig each day,
>or leave them running all the time (monitor powered down
>at night, or perhaps it goes into a sleep mode?)
I work for a company that has about 200 computers, and we have a fellow =
does nothing but maintenance on them and the peripherals.  I asked him =
way was better for reliability and he said as far as he could tell, it =
seem to make any difference. =20

There is a safety issue - anytime something's running there is a =
of fire while you're away.  Some may choose to ignore that possibility, =
but no
one who has ever actually had a fire would.  You decide.

73, Bill W7TI
wrt at eskimo.com

>From kt4ld at juno.com (ANDREW H LEWIS)  Fri Dec  6 02:00:28 1996
From: kt4ld at juno.com (ANDREW H LEWIS) (ANDREW H LEWIS)
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 1996 21:00:28 EST
Subject: Reoccuring theme
Message-ID: <19961205.220037.7775.0.KT4LD at juno.com>

I know, I know this is a reoccuring theme with me and my email server
JUNO. I was reading one of my messages about the story "Twas the night B4
christmas" when a lightning bolt his a power generator near my house and
for a split instant all my hard drive was deleted so needless to say all
my messages (about 400) were deleted so if you sent me a message this
afternoon and evening up until about 9 pm est Thursday please re-send it
and I'll get back to you. 

Also, my HF rig, even though it is grounded, won't turn on anymore so I
think that some lightning went up through the power cable and burned out
my rig. Unfortuanately, I don't have any money to afford a new rig. Does
anyone have any suggesstions as to what might have happened. Also, I have
to call Microsoft because my (actually it's my Dad's) computer is totally
damaged. Anyone know the number for Microsoft? Sorry for the BW!!!!

Andrew Lewis            16 YEARS OLD        EXTRA CLASS
Formerly: KE4LJM, KE4LJM/NA 067, KT4LD
QSL Manager for: TF/WF0E, HS0E, HZ1ZM, TF2YE

>From jreid at aloha.net (Jim Reid)  Fri Dec  6 02:25:55 1996
From: jreid at aloha.net (Jim Reid) (Jim Reid)
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 1996 16:25:55 -1000
Subject: Summary:Computer On/Off Daily?
Message-ID: < at aloha.net>

So far 35+  reponses to my question of whether shutting
down the computer and rig daily is good,  or bad.

Unanimous vote that the HF rig goes off when not in use;
but 2 meter packet rig, and associated computer are 98%
left on 7days/24 hours per.

Computer is left on 7/24  by  24 of 35 responding;  others
shut them off when probably finished for a day,  or whatever
use period they expect will be it for a 24 hour period.  Rcv'd a
hand full of responses that were just comments and they too
would like to know the results.

As I have decided to adopt the advice of those who seem to know:
leave the computer running,  monitor down,  rig on only when in
use,  I am posting some of the more meaningful pro voters
responses below.  Seem like very good reasons have been
prestented to me.  Also seems my disk failures were do to
head "kisses" at  power up,  as was my one color monitor
failure,  as it was the high voltage supply failing at turn on
one morning.

Most negative voters felt it was a waste of electrical power to
leave things operating;  but also note that those of you living
where power outages/failures or electrical storms are common
should take care.  Note the final post I have copied from Arizona.
Fortunately (?) for me,  it rains here just about daily (central
Kauai. about 12 miles North of my QTH, rainfall is around 48
to 60 FEET per year) electrical storms are a once every three years
or so affair,  and peope generally avoid taking down power poles
when they have an auto accident!

Other con views included concern about fans stalling and power
supply possibly overheating leading to possibility of a fire.

Mahalo (thank you) to all who responded and helped me to
come to a better decision on this issue.

73,  Jim,  KH7M

Some of the more valuable input post are copied below:

1.     From: DX Publications <dxpub at midwest.net>

Leave them on Jim.  The power up/down cycle is much harder on the hardware
than leaving them on.
We have done many studies on hardware failure and have the stats to prove it
out.  This is on a network of several hundred PC's.

2.      From: Paul Pescitelli <k4uj at mindspring.com>

Being in the computer/Informations systems business I have always been told
and always tell people just to leave them on (except for the monitor) Kinda
like starting your car, everytime you start it up you risk damaging
something.. I do turn the radio off at night. My computer has basically been
turned on for 3 years now with no trouble (knock on wood)

If you have a screen saver and/or power saver mode on your monitor, leave it
on as well.. The high voltage transformer and flyback xformer always seem to
blow on power up and never while just sitting there running...

3.      As I said before, I keep my computer running -- it's been going now for
about 4 years or so, without a problem except fpr the bearings in the power
supply fan. All I do is power down the monitor.  When I ran a builletin
board, that computer also ran 24 hours a day with no problems also  for the
fans (which are relatively easy to replace.  In fact, my main hard drive (a
Seagate) has been in constant use since I got my first IDE drive equipped
computer back in 1990.  I also have several Wester Digitals (3) that have
seen relatively constant use also.

My thoughts and experiences!

Wayne, NH6GJ

4.     Jim,	
I'm a vice president of a large computer operation (over 3,500 PC's) and
I can assure you that you will have better reliability if you leave your
PC running. You should have a program that "blanks" the CRT after a
period of no use. Most computers have a "parking program" for the heads
on their hard drive when the CPU is turned off. If not the heads "crash"
onto the hard drive which usually destroys a few sectors on the drive.
It could be that the program wasn't working on your system. Hopefully
this info is helpful. All the best. de Joe, K0JN.

5.    I leave the computer on all day/night, with monitor powered down at night.
My 1000D is off unless I'm tuning the band or interested in watching
the cluster spots.  As for the Alpha 87A, it's off unless I'm really 
interested in something...but that warmup period can be  killer to wait

As for you drive problems, I highly recommend Norton Utilities. It's
tools are far and away the best for maintaining disk drive integrity.
There's a new version out (Norton Utilities 2) if you're using Win95.

73, Jim W9WU


7.     I flip off the rig, amp and monitor & leave the computer running.  I did 
not enjoy the panic one time when I arose and tried to boot up the 
computer and it would not!

Chuck, KE5FI

8.     jim-
the only time my stuff is off is when the power fails :-)
one computer has been 'up' for 6 years.....
r5000 has been on since i got it.
about 3 years
-bob  duckworth
Atlanta Technology Library and Museum

9.     Jim,

I leave the computer running all the time, but turn the monitor off 
except when I'm operating. I leave it hooked up to the packet system 
24-hours a day, so the TNC and 2-meter rig also stay on all the time. I 
turn off all of the other ham equipment, except when I'm actively 
listening/talking. This time of the year, when low band DX conditions 
are good, I often leave the HF stuff turned on all weekend, as I'm never 
away from it for more than a few hours.  In other words, I think it's 
good for the computer to stay warm but not good for the HF stuff to stay 

73 es good luck,
Stan, W4AG

10.   Jim,
I am not a computer guru but there is a large computer group here in 
Tucson.  The consensus is that if you do not use a UPS and will be away 
from your computer for more than 2 or 3 hours, suggest turning it off.
This is for our area where we have some wicked thunderstorms in the 
summer and power outages are not uncommon.  Imagine a lot would depend on 
your location and local power outages and surges.  Even a UPS would not 
be a plus for a long period of time...73
        Bill Snyder
Amateur Radio Station KF8N
  e-mail to kf8n at gte.net

11.     I work for a company that has about 200 computers, and we have a
fellow who
does nothing but maintenance on them and the peripherals.  I asked him which
way was better for reliability and he said as far as he could tell, it didn't
seem to make any difference.  

There is a safety issue - anytime something's running there is a possibility
of fire while you're away.  Some may choose to ignore that possibility, but no
one who has ever actually had a fire would.  You decide.

73, Bill W7TI
wrt at eskimo.com

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