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Fri Dec 6 12:17:54 EST 1996

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>I will, however, continue to tell DX stations that they have someone
>calling them that is rare.  Nothing in the rules that says I can't be a
>nice guy.  :)
      During the CQWW SSB from XE2DV, I was operating split on 40M when
someone in the pileup said that I had a ZS calling me on my frequency.  I
figured it was Chris, ZS6EZ, and went to my frequency to listen and sure
enough, it was he.  We both appreciated the contact and it might not have
happened without that 'heads up' from the pileup.  It was probably a double
mult for both of us.  

     Many times if you're the DX station, you're just another pip squeak
signal in a pileup.  If someone can point out the fact to the pileup station
that something juicy is calling him, I think that everyone benefits.  IMO,
this is different than soliciting "hey, have you heard any zone 40 on and
where is he?".  I guess I make the distinction in the solicitation.  If you
don't ask, you're still in the spirit of the rules.  

73,  Steve  K7LXC

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