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David Robbins k1ttt at
Fri Dec 6 12:14:26 EST 1996

Gary Nieborsky wrote:

> I think a line has to be drawn at some point defining the minimum humanoid
> involvement.  My suggestion is this:
> All copying of the exchange (including typing it into the computer) must be
> done by a biological unit.  

even in rtty contests?  maybe you can copy 60wpm rtty in your head, but
like to see someone do it with amtor, packet, or even clover.  and the
for it already will fill in the callsign field for you.  change mode on
rtty modem and you copy cw the same way, after all cw is just another
mode!  add some voice recognition software to the modem and do the same
on ssb.

>Band changes, run/s&p frequency selection,
> overall strategy of how the contest will be worked will be done by
> biological units.

i already use software to help plan band utilization and schedule
propagation softare to predict openings, log analysis software to find
highest rates on each band in the last 10 years.  add a program i am
with that uses expert system techniques to match up operators with bands
get the highest rates andyou have a strategy.

add a few more gadgets like band scopes, computer tuned radios, and just
a bit more software (software is easy, its figuring out what you want it
to do that is hard) and away you go.
> A biological unit would eliminate the possibility of the Borg getting into
> contesting and assimilating us.


and remember, cc your comments about the 10m contest free zone and the
160m dx window (or is that a 10m dx window also???) to cac at

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