Multiple entry with single call

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Sat Dec 7 16:58:43 EST 1996

The mesagge at bottom of my present one, was sent few days ago by I4UFH,
and is concerning multiple contest entries with same call sign.
While it seems no one did notice that, the implications are not of minor
importance and some thinking and different opinions could be useful to
prevent future regrettable situations.
Just as a guideline to develop:

1) If multiple single band single op but same call-sign is allowed, than
   this or a multi-multi entry can be decided post-contest, choosing under
   specific (favourable) circumstances.

2) Looking it from the reversal viewpoint, why a "group" of single band 
   single op can't partecipate meanwhile (sending logs) as multi multi
   too ?

3) If two operators (or groups) with same call can be considered a different 
   partecipant by declaration, couldn't it happen we 'll have 2 stations 
   active (temporary or continuously) on the same band with the same call ?
   (soab & sb, multi-multi & sb, sb & sb low-power, etc ).
   Can it be possible not to log one of them as a duplicate ? How ??

While it is not my will to judge anything, until today I thought that a call
sign did determinate a single "entity" (entry) and not a group.
It would be nice to know an official position about the question to have a
clear idea about it.

73, Mauri I4JMY, (one of IR4T)

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Date: Mon, 02 Dec 1996 23:28:34 +0100
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Subject: Multi Single Band ???

Jon, sm3ojr wrote :

>The following scores are claimed by the SL3ZV "Multi Single Band"
>effort 1996 ...

Is a Multi Single Band, as I have understood, 2 to 6 Single Op.
Single Band with the same call ???

Is this "CATEGORY" allowed from the CQWW Board ??

We are interested to know what exactly the Board think about it,
because we have some difficults to obtain 6 2x1 call for the IG9
activity, but not for one ....

73 de Fabio I4UFH


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