URL for topographic maps - thanks

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Wed Dec 25 22:24:17 EST 1996

Thanks to all for the quick response to my question about the maps.
I got more replies wanting to know where it was, though, than replies
offering suggestions.  The one I was looking for is


This is maintained by the census bureau, not the geologic survey, and
isn't exactly a topographic map, since it does not show contour lines,
but it allows you to get fairly detailed maps of just about any location 
and get the exact lat/long.  It comes up centered on Washington DC but 
you can enter either a town name or a zip code to get where you want to 
be, and then zoom in to any degree of detail you want.

I needed the info because I knew I live close to the border between
EM38 and EM39 and wanted to be sure which side I'm on.  My exact
grid square, FWIW, is EM38UT.  Hope to work a few of you in the Stew
Perry contest this weekend.

73 and Merry Christmas
Alan NS0B

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From: mkuehn at iquest.net (michael kuehn) (michael kuehn)
Date: Wed, 25 Dec 96 19:11 EST
Subject: Antennas
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Hope everyone had a nice holiday

Barry W2UP asked that I give a quick total as to the 
question :   R7000 vs DX-77 vertical antennas.

Well I had hoped for a bigger responce, but the R7000
seems to be winning out with no negative comments.  The
DX-77 had some real problems.  One fellows snapped in the
middle from heavy snow while anothers SWR went high do to
trap coils which are exposed to wx conditions, coils are
not covered.  I did send off for a R7000+ manual for a closer
study but wont have that until next week.

Hope to hear from others who are using one of these antennas
for more input.  As a side note, a fellow over in England ran
some nice comparisons between a butternut HF6v a R7 and two 
different Gap verticals.  That made for some good reading.

I agree that a dipole would be the way to go, but Ive found on 
many occasions that it is nice to have different antennas at hand.
73"s and hope to hear from other users of vertical antennas and 
please tell me how you have them mounted and how high is the base
above ground.


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