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Mon Dec 30 19:44:37 EST 1996

Happy '97 from FM19:

Some "stats" from the contest, just for fun.

87 Q @ 1pt (including 5 who didn't know their grid 'til I told 'em)
65 Q @ 2pt
27 Q @ 3pt
9   Q @ 4pt
4   Q @ 5pt
2   Q @ 6pt
1   Q @ 7pt
3   Q @ 8pt
2   Q @ 12 pt
0   Q @ 17 pt, but used much time chasing 4X4 who was s7+ here

total Qs 200, total pts 422 (x4 for 3 w); QSO/pt =2.11
average distance 802.5 km, about 500 miles
average km/watt = 267.5
total station cost/point= $11.31, not including QSL costs :-)
total distance/time used (=average speed?) 17,833 km/hr
number of family interruptions/QSO = .04
number of vanity calls who knew my name but I didn't know theirs=4

All in all a Super contest and great fun.

Comments:  1) Now that everyone knows their grid square, please
get on for the Jan VHF test--third weekend, FM is acceptable!  A
whole bunch of relatively rare VHF squares were activated on 160M...

2) The multiplier for QRP may be a bit steep--somewhat depends on
conditions--I certainly didn't work everyone I heard!--maybe 1.5 for low
and 2 for QRP would "equalize" scores better unless lows 'compete'
only w/lows and QRP only w/QRP...

Happy New Year to all/73
Brian ND3F at

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