WA2SYN tower rating question

K7LXC at aol.com K7LXC at aol.com
Sun Feb 4 23:20:24 EST 1996

Jeff --

   You recently sent a message inquiring about the relative ratings/merits of
a couple of crankup towers vis-a-vis a large load that you are contemplating.
   Instead of putting the cart before the horse, please provide me with the
following information so that I can get an idea of what you're going to do:
 what county do you live in (for wind speed ratings)?,  are you going to get
a building permit?, does your local building department invoke the Uniform
Building Code?  Since your last system fell down, I would think that you may
want to be a little more cautious about exceeding windload ratings, etc.
   In general, no crankup will pass the UBC rating and no engineer will
certify it so that is the reason for the hedging by the manufacturer.  In
order to get a local building permit, you need a Professional Engineer (PE)
in your state run the calculations on it.  If you're going to skip the permit
process, that's another kettle of fish.  All of New York is rated at 70 MPH
windspeed with a couple of counties at 80-85; try getting your crankup
certified for that!
   I'll look forward to hearing from you and I can pass along more info to

73, Steve  K7LXC      author of "Up The Tower" -- now is CQ Contest magazine

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