Switching Power Supply

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Tue Feb 6 14:18:05 EST 1996

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Subject: re: Switching Power Supply
This info was passed around last year, time to go again I guess:
The Icom PS-35 is light (about 5 or 6 lbs) and small.  It was
designed to be the optional internal supply for a variety of Icom
rigs.  I had to call several supply houses before finding availability
from Ross.  Not overly cheap, I think it was about $200, or maybe
a little less.  Changing a jumper inside allows operation from 220V.
The only problem: it is not designed for 100% duty cycle, so you
can't use it for a 100-watt rig in an RTTY contest!  Several folks
have reported using it for dxpeditions with no problems.
  73, Dave     WD5Noodle          <wd5n at msg.ti.com>

>From nt5c at easy.com (John Warren)  Tue Feb  6 19:33:55 1996
From: nt5c at easy.com (John Warren) (John Warren)
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 1996 14:33:55 -0500
Subject: The "Good Old Boys on 75M"
Message-ID: <1388505245-19192933 at BANJO.EASY.COM>

I realize that contesters don't have the time to spare, but I thoroughly
enjoy goading and infuriating the pig farmers every once in a while. Find
an excuse to enter the qso, and be careful to disagree with everything they
say (Sure-fire winner: Indicate how much you admire Hillary). Chide them
for being unable to construct a sentence without a cuss word in it. The
secret is to stay absolutely calm and humorous - though of course VERY
sarcastic (comes naturally to ex-Brits). They are completely unnerved by
finding that their venom just makes you laugh. It's very rewarding to hear
the state they work themselves into. Helps to have a reasonably good signal
so they can't just shout you down.

Someone will undoubtedly tell me that I must have serious problems wanting
to do this, and that's probably true - but it sure is fun when there's no
dx around.

John, NT5C.

P.S. Stay out of shotgun range, and don't give them your e-mail address!

>From Bill Frede   AA0WO <bfrede at cygnus.poci.amis.com>  Tue Feb  6 20:58:55 1996
From: Bill Frede   AA0WO <bfrede at cygnus.poci.amis.com> (Bill Frede AA0WO)
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 96 13:58:55 MST
Subject: FISTS Novice Roundup Contest
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Anyone know where to find the rules for the FISTS Novice Roundup?
FISTS Novice Roundup           1600Z, Feb 24 to 2400Z, Mar 3
I assume it was designed after the now defunct ARRL Novice Roundup?
Let's try to keep this contest alive because it is a source of new blood.
Bill Frede                         American Microsystems Inc.   
bfrede at poci.amis.com
(208) 233-4690 X6239

>From Tom Morrison <t.morrison at liant.com>  Tue Feb  6 15:37:00 1996
From: Tom Morrison <t.morrison at liant.com> (Tom Morrison)
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 1996 15:37:00
Subject: Beware of NT5C (was: The "Good Old Boys on 75M")
Message-ID: <9602062139.AA26116 at rmc.liant.com>

NT5C writes:
"Someone will undoubtedly tell me that I must have serious problems wanting
to do this, and that's probably true - but it sure is fun when there's no
dx around."

I can tell you from experience, he doesn't like (any other) contesters
on _his_ hill.

Tom, K5TM

Tom Morrison, T.Morrison at liant.com
Relativity (div. Liant Software)
512-719-7019  FAX:512-719-7070  WWW: http://www.liant.com/

>From Pete Soper <psoper at encore.com>  Tue Feb  6 22:06:24 1996
From: Pete Soper <psoper at encore.com> (Pete Soper)
Date: Tue, 06 Feb 1996 17:06:24 EST
Subject: Balanced line surge suppressors (final note)
Message-ID: <23786.9602062206 at earl.encore.com>

I forgot to mention that Patrick, WB9IQI suggested I'd be wise to go through
a distributor rather than directly to ICE. The one he suggested is MAI
Prime Parts in Indianapolis (317 257 6811, 317 257 1590/FAX). The contact
there is "Oren". 

I went this route.  What a great guy! Bent over backward to help me and after
finding the 309 suppressors were out of stock and not in stock at ICE either,
he arranged for a set to be cranked out next week. And after I inquired about
AC supply suppressors Oren pointed me to off the shelf Square-D items 
locally available. 


>From rhodesj at pionet.net (Jim Rhodes)  Tue Feb  6 23:00:13 1996
From: rhodesj at pionet.net (Jim Rhodes) (Jim Rhodes)
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 1996 17:00:13 -0600
Subject: good ol' boys on 75m (fwd)
Message-ID: <9602062300.AA03744 at ELWOOD.pionet.net>

>Bottom line is this though I doubt the FCC or the ARRL actually care much
>about 75 meters at all.  The FCC never really had any teeth to begin with
>and now has even less so.  The ARRL of course would be very interested if it
>was a 2 meter repeater being jammmed but an HF freq?  I doubt it since most
>hams today are NC techs and have no intrest whatsoever in what happens to
>us foolish contesters.

If you get less from the FCC than we have with a couple of local idiots jamming
and abusing one of our 2 meter repeaters, it would mean that the FCC didn't
even answer the phone or open the mail. We have been told that the most they
can do is to write a nasty letter asking the boys to stop. We have DF'd these
people and have a transmitter fingerprinter on the repeater--we KNOW who
they are. The DFing and transmitter finger printing have been witnessed by a
federal attorney and 2 FBI agents! The only responce from the FCC field office
was the offer to draft a letter asking them if they would please stop. Let's
face it
you will get NO help from the FCC. Yes, we have gotten help from the league,
they told us who to call. But they have no enforcment authority so that is the
limit of what they can do.

But don't let that stop you from trying!
Jim Rhodes KC0XU
rhodesj at pionet.net

>From Steven Sample <aa9ax at iglou.com>  Wed Feb  7 00:00:18 1996
From: Steven Sample <aa9ax at iglou.com> (Steven Sample)
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 1996 19:00:18 -0500 (EST)
Subject: SSb Sprint problems
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.960206185709.4500F-100000 at iglou>

How about 20-40-160  meters? Let's don't give up on the low bands...just 


On Tue, 6 Feb 1996, David C. Patton wrote:

> I agree with KM9P and KF3P and KM0L and everybody else lamenting the
> difficulties of 80M during the SSB Sprints.  However, as N7AVK says
> we shouldn't give up our ground to miscreants.
> I think the nature of the SSb Sprint is dealing with 80 Meters.  To
> me, it is much the same as battling for space on 20 SSB.  Very
> difficult.  Actually, I will take 80 M SSB in the sprint over 20 SSB
> in CQWW any day.
> However, I would certainly support Ty's idea of a 15, 20 and 40 meter
> contest that used the times from 2000-2359Z.  This is pretty good
> timing for all concerned, especially the west coast, avoids 80 meters
> and presents the same type of propagation difficulties we experience
> already--such as long propagation on 20 and 40.  Except 15 takes over
> for 20 and 40 for 80.  In the midwest we can't work much other than
> the coasts anyway.  At least we would have a shot at working some of
> our locals during these times.  This year I couldn't hear any locals
> on any band.  
> Another suggestion for the present maladies is to spread out across
> the band a little more.  Both 40 and 80 we presently seem to use only
> about 25 KHz of the band.
> 73, Dave Patton, WX3N
> mudcp3 at uxa.ecn.bgu.edu

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