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>I am not agree that cishcraft antennas are not strong. Even the 40-m2. I
>a friend who have this antenna in a very high speed area and the antenna are
>Yesterday We had very, very high winds in all spain. All 40m2 are OK.
>I understand that you can find stronger antennas but I am not agree with you
>when you say Cushcraft is not strong
>Best regards
>Eddie Stark

Eddy, Hello --

   The Cushcraft HF antennas are made out of the lightest materials of any HF
antenna manufacturer here in the States.  Their thin-wall booms crimp easily
when you tighten the clamps.  That's not to say that that "flimsy" antennas
are all bad news; their lightweight elements will move around quite a bit in
a wind, thus shedding most of the wind load.  As far as the 40-2CD antennas
surviving strong winds in your area, when you speed in your car, you don't
always get a speeding ticket do you?  BTW, Hy-Gain antennas are rated at 100
MPH and Cushcraft antennas are rated at 80 MPH - a difference of almost two
times the wind speed pressure.  Don't get me wrong -- I have a Cushcraft
40-2CD installed at my station and I enjoy using it.  I have owned a
professional tower services company for the last six years and have worked on
over 100 amateur stations so my response was based on this overall
experience.  I've installed many Cushcraft antennas and feel that they give a
good value for the money.  

   A month or so ago you sent a message asking about different antennas and
such for a proposed installation -- do you still have questions or are
looking for more information?  I'd be happy to give you my perspective.

73,  Steve  K7LXC

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