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>Hi Steve.  Not to Pic-Nit! but I think your "signature" has an "is" instead 
>of an "in" re: CQ Contest Magazine. 

Okay, Lee, you caught me with my grammar down.  You are correct but I'm not
smart enough yet to have a 'signature' so I was a typo.  BTW, "Up The Twoer"
was also incorrect and thanks to Dr. Bafoofnick for pointing out to me.
>As for what you are commenting about, I have a similar problem at my QTH.  
>I have a 65'W x 100'D lot and the back of my house is 39' from the back 
>fence.  I WANT to put a crankup but the city requires 70MPH rated tower (I 
>don't think one exists!).  The 70MPH is pretty stupid around here.  I have 
>a weather station at home and in the last two years, the highest wind was 
>35MPH; and that was a gust/peak in ONE five minute interval!  The really 
>annoying thing is that I have little doubt that there would be NO PROBLEM 
>because I would have the tower "down" when I'm away or not on the air.
>US Tower has a Crankup that would take the antenna below the "roof line" 
>but the published ratings are only 50MPH and from what you say, that might 
>not be exactly accurate!

   Well at least you're in the right state for getting crankup tower stamped
drawings from US Tower and TriEx!  I think you're in Los Angeles County which
is TIA-222-E rated at 70 MPH - that's why your building department uses that
spec.  Talk to the manufacturers and see what help they can be; yours isn't
the first of their products that have been installed in LA County.  There are
several uses of "weasel clauses" that may enable you to get the documentation
you need.  

>My current plan is to put a 20' mast thru my garage roof with a Force12 C-4 
>on it.  I'll probably guy the mast.  I plan to have a relative easy way to 
>"lower" mast and all should winds come up.  The rotor will be IN the garage 
>so the only thing outside will be the mast (3" water pipe) and the antenna.
>73, WB7SND (ex XR0Z .. CW)                                                  

   Wouldn't a little roof tripod be sturdier and more convenient than a 3"
pipe?  Yes, the tripod will be more expensive.  I'm not sure that a Hy-Gain
mast mounting bracket will go to 3" although the Yaesu clamps should
accommodate it.  Just be sure to put some sort of collar and eatherproofing
around the mast to keep water out of your garage and it'll work just fine.  I
think you'll have fun with the Force 12 antenna - they seem to work very

73 and good luck, Steve    K7LXC

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