KB8N Sprint Results

PaulKB8N at aol.com PaulKB8N at aol.com
Sun Feb 11 14:46:26 EST 1996

KB8N CW Sprint Results

S/O Low Power

Results:  210 X 41 = 8610 Raw Score

QSO Breakout by band:  80M - 78;  40M - 99;  20M - 33

All's well that ends well, so they say.  I had my slowest start ever on 20M,
which was usually my strongest band.  Normally I would move to 40M ahead of
many other low power stations and watch my lead deteriorate as I
progressively moved to 40M and 80M.  

20M was terrible.  There were times when I thought the receiver went dead as
I'd only hear a few weak stations in the background.  40M propagation proved
to be quite good, and 80M was quiet and also very good. 

This isn't my highest QSO total or my highest multiplier total, but it is my
best overall score.  I was surprised and pleased to hear some stations
joining the fray late in the contest and giving out needed mults,
particularily a Louisiana station who gave me his QSO #1 with about 15
minutes left in the contest.

Webster should define "chaos" as "that which resembles the CW Sprint".  This
is a raw score prior to "Tree surgery".  Thanks guys, it was fun!

Paul, KB8N


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