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udder disrespect for the reflector 

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>> >I hope they set aside MM0OOO for Guernsey. 
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>> >73, Larry N6AZE
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>> or Jersey, for that matter--just to milk that a little further.
>> Garry, NI6T
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>Come on, guys, let's moooooooove on to another subject.
>Steve KC2X

>From ronklein at ix.netcom.com (Ron Klein )  Sun Feb 11 20:02:38 1996
From: ronklein at ix.netcom.com (Ron Klein ) (Ron Klein )
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 1996 12:02:38 -0800
Subject: MCI Mail Problem?
Message-ID: <199602112002.MAA14527 at ix4.ix.netcom.com>

I use my MCI Mail account for receipt of CONTEST reflector mail. They 
tell me the system had a problem that blocked forwarding of mail for 
several days.

I still have not received mail dated February 4,5,6,7. Has anyone else 
had the same problem? The MCI Customer Support folks assure me it has 
not been lost, and will eventually be available to me. 

Anyone else have this experience?

Ron Klein - W0OSK
ronklein at ix.netcom.com

>From Pete Smith <n4zr at ix.netcom.com>  Sun Feb 11 20:22:04 1996
From: Pete Smith <n4zr at ix.netcom.com> (Pete Smith)
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 1996 12:22:04 -0800
Subject: Tower modeling programs (and liability)
Message-ID: <199602112022.MAA12226 at ix13.ix.netcom.com>

At 09:39 AM 2/11/96 -0800, W7NI wrote:

>The tax preparation program comparison falls down a little also because I
>can't see how an innocent bystander can get maimed or killed because you
>make a mistake in your taxes.
On the other hand, the IRS can send you to jail. I think people like Intuit
(Turbotax) are more worried about the consumer suing them directly than
about 3d parties.

FWIW, for $26/yr I bumped the liability limit on my homeowner's insurance to
$1 million.  I had initially explored the idea of a wraparound overall
liability policy, but concluded that the cost of the latter option was too
high relative to where my risk lay (a couple of hundred dollars a year).
The homeowner insurance angle may be a useful low-cost option for some others. 
73, Pete Smith N4ZR
n4zr at ix.netcom.com 

>From SHAWN LIGHTFOOT <shawn.lightfoot at lun.lis.ab.ca>  Sun Feb 11 16:20:00 1996
From: SHAWN LIGHTFOOT <shawn.lightfoot at lun.lis.ab.ca> (SHAWN LIGHTFOOT <shawn.lightfoot at lun.lis.ab.ca>)
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 96 09:20:00 -0700
Subject: POWER and BARB WIRE
Message-ID: <8BA9230.0065001A80.uuout at lun.lis.ab.ca>

Hello All.

Recently, I posted a question regarding barb wire fences as antennas. I
had a lot of responses, and a lot who wanted summaries. Here it is:

They SUCK!  (it was unanimous).


I also posted a question regarding power-line noise, and how far away
from them a person should be.
There were many responses, too varied to summarize-however.......
I did do a little testing of my own.

Equipped with a mobile rig, and mobile vertical for 80M, I experienced

1)After driving around for a couple of hours, I noticed that ALL power
lines give off quite a bit of noise (if you are close enough to them)

2)The worst ones are the high voltage 3 phase lines, the best ones were
the single phase lower voltage lines.

3)If you are 50 of less to any power line...DX becomes very tough!

4)On a VERY noisy line, it took approx. 1/2 mile away to get rid of most
of the noise, with just a little residual hash.

5)On quieter lines, only a few hundred feet in fine to lose the noise.

6)If there is a VERY noisy line, and there is a transformer dropping the
voltage to a LOWER 3 phase line, that noise from the big line will
propagate almost 2 miles down the lower voltage line. (It seems
to conduct right down the line...slowly diminishing.)

7)Rural lines were the absolute worst case...in town they were noisy,
but tolerable in most cases.

8)Lower voltage lines created a more friendly noise, as it was a noise
that the noise blanker could cope with, and knock off a few s units,
unlike the high voltage lines, where it was a noise that very closely
resembles and FM radio unsquelched. (Almost identical), and noise
blankers don't like to do anything with this kind of noise.

9)If you want next to no noise, a person has to get WELL away from ANY
power lines. I noticed that 1 mile would almost rid all noise from a
noisy line.

NOW!!!!!!....All of this just 'cuz I'm looking at some new land in the
country, but since it's far away from here, I have to do these
experiments to know how far away from power lines that I have to be.

What I don't know is this:

What about those HUGE big ski lift style grid lines (you know the
ones...big metal tower etc.)??? The piece of land I am looking at has
one about 3 miles away. Has anyone had experience with this type of
power line? (Last question I posted was about lower volt lines). I have
heard that the metal towers are somewhat better than wooden poles.
I can't imagine power line noise propagating 3 miles...but I would like
to hear from anyone who has lived anywhere near one.

Cheers and Beers,


>From Bob Selbrede <w9nq at ccis.com>  Sun Feb 11 21:44:37 1996
From: Bob Selbrede <w9nq at ccis.com> (Bob Selbrede)
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 1996 13:44:37 -0800
Subject: NAQP CW Log Submission Deadline
Message-ID: <199602112144.AA31628 at bart.ccis.com>

Hi all,

        Just a quick reminder that the log submission deadline for the NAQP
CW contest is coming up on 13 Feb.  The SSB deadline is 20 Feb.  Please
round them up and send them in.  CW logs can be submitted via E-Mail to me
(w9nq at ccis.com) and the SSB logs to N4TQO (merchant at crl.com).  There have
been approx 52 CW logs submitted via E-Mail so far.  I will be in
Huntsville, AL on business from 12 to 16 Feb and will confirm additional
E-Mail submissions when I return.  Thanks!

73, Bob W9NQ

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