Sprint from KH6

k7ss at aloha.net k7ss at aloha.net
Sun Feb 11 09:51:50 EST 1996

>Date: Sun, 11 Feb 1996 09:48:24
>To: 3830 at akorn.net
>From: k7ss at aloha.net
>Subject: Sprint from KH6
>Cc: Kevin
>decided to use just K7SS as callsign...the dahdididahdit dadidah didididit
dahdidididit..was just too much every time i sent the call...was
contemplating /KH7 too but boy I dont like to send out QSLs that much....so
went the short way...lotsa guys insisted on sending K7SS/KH6 in their
>exchange to me...hope it doesnt blow the Q for them (AND ME!)  spent a lot
of time correcting the callsign and explaining the QTH of KH6 (found that if
I sent  dadidah didididit dahdididididit folks would get it, the simple
dahdidididit seemed to confuse )
>20started great...actually heard K1KI before the start at 20 over
9...worked him in the first few minutes and he was down to s5!   boy someone
threw the switch...  some sort of NewEngland
>contest Karma???
>did 76 first hour...not bad for low power...and had good toughts...and then
the band died.
>Too early for 40 and too late for 20!   55 hour next scratching for
whatever I could find on 20.
>remember its 2pm to 6pm here for the sprint and two of the bands are 40 and
80. sunset is around 6:30 here!
>Had big full size 3 element on a 400 foot cliff over the ocean on 40 so got
a pretty early jump when it started to open.   its really something to sit
out here and listen to the mayhem and not
>be able to work even the loudest guys....
>40 was FB after a bit of time (now 4:30 local) and I was even getting
answers to short K7SS NA
>calls..WN4KKN and N6TR and AA5WQ and W1WEF seemed to be the loudest heard on 40
>At 0300 (5PM local) Im suddenly in the same dilemna as on 20......40 is
open but everyone has left and 80 sounds like someone has thrown a wet
blanket on the whole band, and muffled
>6s and 7s can be heard running...
>Very interesting phenomena on 40....all the fast boys have left and its now
only the long haul
>low number gang thats left, usually alot weaker but in the clear....and
lots of room on the band...and then you hear em...THE SHARKS...slowly
scouring the band for any leftovers..
>scavenging on 40 while their other rig is running on
cling and devouring anything thats left on the bottom.....quite  a scene..
>Try 80 every 5 minutes from 5-6PM the last hour....its ALL freshmeat and I
cant get anyone to hear the little 90 watts 2500 miles from the coast of
W6.....so back to grind on 40 and to my surprise find three new mults in 10
minutes!  VE4VV WD0T K0AD all in the aurora zone and
>VE7AHA for my last mult of the contest....
>Finally ten minutes to go and I break thru to W6XX on 80!   whew! and when
I sign KKN slams on
>me for a Q!   then its back to call call call...AA7BG hears me..NV6O hears
me and The last 
>QSO...K4VX hears me!!!  some ears Dave!! 
>End up at 227 by 45...much better mults than on SSB but same QSOs..
>Observation: Just a BIT of better propagation and 20 would have lasted
longer and so would 
>4o...I can see TOP TEN from KH6 as a distinct possibility.....will see if I
cant try it next year
>in Februrary....
>Thanks to local great guys AH6AZ, and AH6GP who brought me out to the
superstation and kept everything going...and visitor KN6OX from NCal....
>K7SS    227 X 45   10215
>TS850S on battery
>4 element 20
>3 element 40
>on a cliff overlooking the blue Pacific ocean and pointing  Northeast
2500-5000 miles.

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