What REALLY makes you good?

N3ADL at aol.com N3ADL at aol.com
Thu Feb 22 18:01:22 EST 1996

Interesting question....the baddest OP I ever saw was a fellow club
member...I broke into Sweepstakes doing a multi op from his shack..learned
more in that weekend than I had in the previous 15 yr ham career...Picture
this.... Two 781's, side by side , one set of headphones...the left ear piece
is the left or multiplier rig and the right ear is the right "run" rig..a
neat switching gizmo, one paddle and a totally consumed operator capable of
going 48 hours. The antenna farm is nothing special by todays standards in
elite level contest stations..TH6/TH7/TH6 stack and a few wires for the low
bands....but this OP is consistantly in the top1% of his peers because of his
preperation, stamina and his desire to excel. Of course the mental acuity to
be able to run in the right ear at 200 an hour while searching for and
working mults with the left ear HELPS!  Those of you in that circle know of
whom I speak...the rest of you will figure it out :) sooner or later....I
will not embarass him with call here but he has a REAL LONG hat pin in case
your rate drops below what HE thinks it should be. His advise to me when I
was just learning the ropes was to work as many contests as you can and
always try to beat your previous score. Pretty simple instructions, huh?
There is no better education than experience but I think his desire (we used
to call it heart) and stamina are what sets him apart from his peers. What is
really scary is that there are a lot of this same kind of class A personality
,highly talented, and bulldog determined operators in my club! I learn so
much by just listening. I just hope some of it rubs off :)

                                        73 de Doug // N3ADL // FRC

DX is...
DXpedition is better    : P

>From richard.frey at Harris.COM (dfrey)  Fri Feb 23 03:32:14 1996
From: richard.frey at Harris.COM (dfrey) (dfrey)
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 1996 22:32:14 -0500
Subject: Radio 9A/ : Active
Message-ID: <12cf6240 at maila.harris.com>

     Shameless self-promotion:
     I just spent a cold and snowy afternoon installing a 30M high  
     inverted L with eight semi-elevated radials at a very quiet site in 
     the country outside Zagreb where there were already Beverages for JA 
     and USA.  The rig will be a TS950SDX w/voice keyer plus an AL1200.  
     With reasonable conditions, we should be audible even in the US of A.  
     Look for me this weekend between 1832 and 1835, the newly designed 9A 
     SSB sub-band (honest!), as 9A/K4XU.
     Dick    ...in beautiful downtown Croatia.
     ps: If you agree these new 160M SSB rules for Croatian amateurs are 
     impractical, write a certified letter to the Ministry of 
     Communications in Zagreb and let them know.  Please be factual, 
     courteous, and to the point.  It would really help the cause here.
     Their address is:
     Ministarstvo Pomorstva, Promets I Vesa 
     attn:  D. Filipovic
     Prisvalje 14
     10 000  Zagreb

>From k7fd at teleport.com (John Nicholson)  Thu Feb 22 23:06:09 1996
From: k7fd at teleport.com (John Nicholson) (John Nicholson)
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 1996 15:06:09 -0800
Subject: IC775DSP Failures
Message-ID: <199602222306.PAA02606 at desiree.teleport.com>

Joe N7XX/5 says...

>I have an IC775DSP and I agree with you, its great. However, have had some
>trouble getting full audio drive with a Heil headset.   What kind of mike are
>you using ?

John K7FD says...

I am using Icom's high end mic, the SM20. I had never seen it in any
ad's but stumbled onto one at HRO Portland. It's a beautiful looking
microphone and seems to have plenty of drive with the '775...


>From py5eg at sul.com.br (atilano de oms sobrinho)  Thu Feb 22 23:37:58 1996
From: py5eg at sul.com.br (atilano de oms sobrinho) (atilano de oms sobrinho)
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 1996 21:37:58 -0200
Message-ID: <199602230041.VAA29258 at www.sul.com.br>

Hello Contesters:

           The ARAUCARIA DX GROUP will be in the next ARRL SSB contest on a 
multi-single effort with the call sign  ZW5B ( QSL manager PY5EG).

           See you during the contest.

               Oms (PY5EG)

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