TailTwister Rotor Problems

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Thu Feb 22 18:53:30 EST 1996

In a message dated 96-02-22 13:50:11 EST, you write:
>I'm sorry, I have to disagree with you concerning HYGain products and my
opinion of >all of  them is they are JUNK. 
  In my previous message, I didn't make any claim to anything except the
problems that the sender of the message mentioned.  I even called the
potentiometer "a perpetual problem."  But I did not call them junk, either.
> The  rotor products are poorly designed and made with underrated cheap
  >components.   The ring gears in most of their products are pot metal, and
the products >with the "wedge" braking system are worthless in a  moderate
wind because you >cannot withdraw the wedge. 
   The problems with Hy-Gain (and other rotators as well) are well documented
and Hy-Gain has listened.  The ring gears and brake wedges that you've
mentioned have been redesigned and upgraded to improve their reliability.  I
can tell you that this is a continual process and the Hy-Gain rotators that
you buy today are greatly improved over the previous versions.     
>  In my opinion FWIW, you cannot beat the heavy duty  worm gear driven
rotors from >most of the quality off shore  manufacturers.  
   Yes, a worm gear drive eliminates the problem with conventional braking
systems but that still leaves gears, directional indicators, motors, mast
clamps and other design considerations (and invariably compromises due to
costs) to come up with a successful design.I don't care what rotor you put
up, eventually something's going to break.  MANY offshore rotators have been
imported over the years and regardless of their quality, design, etc. really
fell down with repairs and parts.  This is where Hy-Gain runs circles around
everyone else.   As far as price goes, the engineering and tooling for a new
rotator is easily $250-500K and the amateur market is too small to justify
that kind of investment.          Thanks for your comments.
                73,  Steve   K7LXC

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