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Fri Feb 23 08:24:07 EST 1996

 My Mother,My Father,Ronald Reagan,and the Supreme Creator.
       Everyone else pales in comparison.
                       Ken KP4XS

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From: junger at (John Unger) (John Unger)
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 96 08:29:08 EST
Subject: Re[2]: KT-34A
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Dave, NG0X writes:
> very well.  One thing... the KT34-XA is not torque balanced, so
> it is quite a weather vane. Get a rotator with good brakes. (Only a
> problem with XA, I suspect.)

I think that is a real problem with the KT34-XA, Dave.  My "normal"
KT34-A seems almost perfectly balanced, wind-load wise, around the
mast.  In fact, in high winds it seems happiest with the boom
perpendicular to the wind direction; much less back-and-forth 
movement in that orientation.

73 - John, W3GOI

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