Noise antennas

Marijan Miletic S56A at S55TCP.AMPR.ORG
Mon Feb 26 13:18:17 EST 1996

Jay, W6GO sugested using Beverage in "other" direction as the noise antenna for
diversity type noise reduction ANC-4 unit.  Same technique may be applied to
stacked beams pointed in different directions!  We are interested in a SINGLE
signal coming from ONLY ONE point in space (hopefully toward one of our beams)
so the other antenna uses all the gain for noise increase ie. S/N reduction!
The idea of iluminating two ares while transmiting is still valid!
73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU.

>From ni6t at (Garry Shapiro )  Mon Feb 26 15:26:42 1996
From: ni6t at (Garry Shapiro ) (Garry Shapiro )
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 07:26:42 -0800
Subject: My Heroes?
Message-ID: <199602261526.HAA06900 at>

You wrote: 
> My Mother,My Father,Ronald Reagan,and the Supreme Creator.
>       Everyone else pales in comparison.
>                       Ken KP4XS
Gag me.

>From jomara at (John O'Mara)  Mon Feb 26 16:04:39 1996
From: jomara at (John O'Mara) (John O'Mara)
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 11:04:39 -0500
Subject: IRC CW Filters/XMIT Problem
Message-ID: <9602261604.AA28030 at pdis1.>

Hello all,  I recently received from IRC/Fox Tango the 455 KHz and 8830 kHz
400Hz cw filters for my TS 690S (TS 450 with 6 meters).  I installed these
filters over the weekend and they sound great.  Now the problem.  Once I
installed the filters and accessed their selection via the menu system, I
then tried to switch bands.  My normal procedure is to change bands on the
radio, select the correct antenna and then push the auto tune button on the
radio (internal auto antenna tuner installed).  Well once I hit the Auto
Tune button the radio showed no output power and no SWR indication on the
meter.  The antenna tuner was searching around like crazy for a match and
every once in a while during this process the power output meter would
display a very low power and an infinite SWR then it would go back to no
indication (no power out).  I then removed both filters and put the rig back
in its original state and everything worked fine, the tuner tuned, and I had
full power out.  I then installed one filter at a time and checked the power
out after installing each.  I first installed the 455 kHz IF filter and
checked the transmit side and I had full power out and the rig worked fine.
I then installed the 8830 kHz IF filter and the no power output problem came
back.  I made sure the bottom leads of the filter were not shorting against
the PC board so that can be ruled out.  Also it didn't matter which filters
were selected via the front panel, with the 8830 IF 400 HZ filter in the
radio (though not selected) I still had no power out.  I think that the
transmit signal goes through the filters during transmit but I'm not sure
how all this works.

The bottom line is I'm looking for any assistance from people that have
experienced similar problems or someone that knows the TS 450/690 radio well
enough to advise me on any alignment procedures that are required to allow
this crystal filter to work.

I did call the technical branch of IRC/Fox Tango and he said "If it works in
receive it should work in transmit". Not much help.  Thanks and 73, Jack

>From jomara at (John O'Mara)  Mon Feb 26 16:04:52 1996
From: jomara at (John O'Mara) (John O'Mara)
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 11:04:52 -0500
Subject: Score reflector?
Message-ID: <9602261604.AB28030 at pdis1.>

Can someone give me the internet address for the score reflector and if
there is any certain format that scores need reported in.

>From richard.frey at Harris.COM (dfrey)  Sun Feb 25 22:36:47 1996
From: richard.frey at Harris.COM (dfrey) (dfrey)
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 1996 17:36:47 -0500
Subject: 160M ssb  - 9A/k4xu
Message-ID: <131e0150 at>

      Call: 9A/K4XU                  Country:  Croatia
      Mode: SSB                      Category: Single Operator
     Totals    483    2480       2      53    =   136,400
     Why do I do this? I hate SSB. But its a CONTEST. Aye, there's the rub!
     The inverted L with semi-elevated radials played very well - too well 
     for the conditions,  We needed a second antenna with a good high 
     vertical lobe!  Some of those pesky Italians were crawling right onto 
     my frequency and CQing in my face.  But when it came time to play 
     pileup buster for a A92 or VQ9, then it worked great!  Maybe we will 
     have better luck and better conditions next weekend....

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