TIC Ring - addendum

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Just got your second post.... see my first post on testing the motor head...
 there is not enough current through the wiper lead (microamps into the op
amp) to blow away any oxidation or crud....hook up the resistors as described
and rotate the beam  back and forth several times and then rehook up the
control cable... very likely you will be back in business... 
If that hadn't worked on mine I was going to hook a variable power supply
across the wiper and one end of the pot, and start with low current, 10 or 20
mils, and rotate it back and forth to cook off the oxidation, retesting and
increasing the current sequentially, until it worked, or fried.......

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From: jreid at aloha.net (Jim Reid) (Jim Reid)
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Subject: Tuner Thread
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>When you have time would you please send me the address of the company in Ohio 
>that sells high quality caps and roller inductors that can be used in homemade 
>antenna tuners? I agree with you about the XM tuner being over priced. I sent 
>in my $3.00 for info on the tuner and received a 8x10 glossy photo and a 
>single zeroxed sheet that stated  the unit was worth the price. 
>I don't know Paul but I had to scratch my head and wonder who would buy 
>anything under these circumstances. No technical info just a glossy photo? 
>Joe AA6WG 
73 and Aloha,
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