N6TR Comments CQ 160 SSB contest & Hogging a frequency

N3ADL at aol.com N3ADL at aol.com
Tue Feb 27 08:36:10 EST 1996

Perhaps the prevailing contest organizers should consider moving the CQ 160
contest to a different weekend! To those of us who eat,drink, and breath
contesting having three contest back to back to back is a strain on the
family life. There has to be a free weekend somewhere along the season to
move the 160 contest so that some of our peers are not hauled into divorce
court. (I sure would miss her!) The same goes for CQ when it falls on
Thanksgiving weekend. For CQ 160 since it is a DX test perhaps a maximim
hours rule be added so that one would work from say 2000 to 0600 and not have
the endless CQ's into dead air during the daytime that we have now. Just a
thought..or two.
                                                         73 de Doug // N3ADL

>From John D. Allen" <jallen at vhfcom.com  Tue Feb 27 14:18:18 1996
From: John D. Allen" <jallen at vhfcom.com (John D. Allen)
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 1996 09:18:18 -0500
Subject: TIC Ringrotor problem
Message-ID: <199602271418.JAA14870 at nic.iii.net>

> All of a sudden my TIC Ring wouldn't rotate. Noticed that as I turn the 
> preset knob, the indicator moves with it (shorted together somehow?), so 
> pushing the start button does nothing, as it thinks it's already where it 
> has to be. Any ideas what happened? what to look for?
> Tnx/Barry
Denny, K8DO already answered this, but I will add to his excellent 
input - the POT at the rotor gets an intermittant.  Resulting in a 
catch22 - the pot is open so you can not rotate the antenna to turn 
the pot to get past the intermittant.  In may case the fault was 
fixed by high winds that moved the pot for me.

TIC should come out with a fix for this problem.   My ring has been 
up for about 1.5 years - not real long...

73, John K1FWF

John D. Allen, jallen at vhfcom.com

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