Tic-Ring EMI

AB5YG at aol.com AB5YG at aol.com
Tue Feb 27 05:04:20 EST 1996

Forgot to mention that I eliminated the EMI to the Tic-Ring Control Box by
doing the following:

1. Plugged control box into grounded outlet! I had it plugged into a 2 wire
ext. cord --yuk!
2. Installed .1ufd 100V caps from each terminal on control unit to ground.
3. Fixed tower ground - 1 1/2" copper straps from each leg just above bottom
joint to individual ground rods all tied to the "common ground".
4. Installed Polyphaser rotor MOVs just above the ground straps ----

Now -- The LED does not light nor does the position meter deflect (with
control unit power off) on any band running 1500 watts out into the slopers
or beams.

73's  - Bill   -  AB5YG

>From Diego Angel Mejia <edam015 at apolo.eafit.edu.co>  Tue Feb 27 12:16:30 1996
From: Diego Angel Mejia <edam015 at apolo.eafit.edu.co> (Diego Angel Mejia)
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 1996 07:16:30 -0500
Subject: Info Please!!
Message-ID: <3132F61E.2DDD at apolo.eafit.edu.co>

73 dear OM's
If anybody has the E-mail of the CQ WW RTTY Contest directo i would 
apreciate it.
Hope to hear u at ARRL SB Contest
73 Alex HK4QIM

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