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>I've always thought that there should be a rule in contesting... If you
>don't work someone in 10 CQ's and someone calls you on it, you MUST move.
>Then we'd find out who the ops are and those that are not.  Or at least
>we'de shake things up a bit.  Doubt K1AR would have to move from 14.150.5
>Bill, KM9P

      During the CQ 160M Test I had to QSY often when HP stations moved in.
  If Bill's rule were in effect, my VFO would have had a even better workout!
 I operated 26 hours with about a 33 Q-rate, about 85% running and 15% S&P.
 The second night I worked only 237 stations in 13+ hours, and my Q-rate was
often below 20.  In fact, whenever it fell below 20 I would S&P, some times
finding no new ones.  Then back to CQing. How many times in a row without a
contact I don't know, but without an audio keyer I couldn't have done it!  On
two occasions Saturday night, I broke into roundtables, chatted for 5 or 10
minutes, and worked the gang.  Even with 10 minutes of chatting,  my Q-rate
improved!  Wonder if CQ will throw out the uniques I worked! 
    With a few exceptions, the DX window was well observed.  With low power I
couldn't work the DX in most cases, but it was nice to hear it.
 Unfortuately, a very strong WY station was operating just above 1835 much of
the time, and it was difficult to copy anything on 1833-1835.  
     K1ZM and others have suggested that we don't really need a DX window.  I
strongly disagree and, in fact, wish it were a little larger!  Perhaps Big
Guns, especially on the east coast, don't need a DX window, but we little
pistols sure do!
      The strongest (non-local) signals heard here in Colorado were WB9Z,
high power, and N5IA, low power.  N5IA was working DX right and left and made
me feel like I was running QRP!  He had over 800 contacts low power!
      I used the pair of full wave loops for transmit and receive about 95 %
of the time.  They give me about an S-unit improvement over the Hytower from
east to north. The Hytower is about 6 dB better in the other directions and
was used to work a couple of Carribean stations, a few Florida stations,
KH6CC, and a few west coast stations.
I worked all states except Alaska, but only one SC, one VT, one DE, and one

I couldn't stay awake past 5:30 AM Saturday morning, but with a sleep
deficit, I felt fine until the sun came up Sunday morning.  Now explain that!

I think the gentleman's band lived up to its reputation.  I noted much less
acrimony and more good will than I have in other HF contests. Thanks to all
who called or worked me. 
I'll be hiding out mainly on VHF the next few months (the new WPX categories
might tempt me to operate one of the contests) and see all you HFers again in
the fall.
73,  Doug  W2CRS/0

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From: Christoph Rheker <christor at> (Christoph Rheker)
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 23:39:09 -0800
Subject: Antennas and Software
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I am looking for a source to get the ELNEC or EZNEC antenna modelling
software, could not find
somebody selling this programm in Europe. If you know of somebody
selling it (US or EU) or if
you have an address or email, please let me know.

I have seen many contesters using a 4-Square antenna...I could not find
any info about
the 4-Square antenna in ON4UN's book (1988) or in the ARRL antenna book
So what is a 4-Square ?

73 from Germany,

christor at

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