Virginia QSO Party 1995

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Mon Feb 26 23:08:28 EST 1996

Hello all.
Could anyone tell me if they have received results from the 1995
Virginian QSO Party.  I have twice sent s.a.s.e's to the sponsor
and have not had a reply.  It's been so long I can't even remember
who the sponsor was.  I see in QST March 1996, the 1996 Virginia
QSO Party is scheduled for March 16-17.  I don't know if I should 
participate.  Any information would be appreciated.
73 Tom KB2MRZ
Ripley, NY
tloll at

>From jreid at (Jim Reid)  Tue Feb 27 04:16:57 1996
From: jreid at (Jim Reid) (Jim Reid)
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 18:16:57 -1000
Subject: Tuner Component Prices
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Before we spend a lot of time critcizing the price of the
X Match Tuner,  we should recall the prices of 
QRO capacitors,  inductors and switches.  For example,
the price of the Multronics switch for RF. the  lowest priced
one they offer.  is,  $550,00.  Of course it includes a corona
shield and some other goodies!  It would be very easy,
even on the surplus market to spend well over $1k  for just
the components to build a real high power 160 to 10 meter
tuner.  And then you may have problems,  and decide to 
build at least two of them,  160 to 30,  and another for
20 up to 10,  or even 6meters.  Should have some circuits
for same soon.

73,  Jim,  AH6NB

>From Spike Lazar <slazar19 at>  Tue Feb 27 04:39:48 1996
From: Spike Lazar <slazar19 at> (Spike Lazar)
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 23:39:48 -0500 (EST)
Subject: N6TR Comments CQ 160 SSB contest & Hogging a frequency
Message-ID: <199602270439.XAA09959 at>

> N6TR:
> I guess it would be nice to come up with a magic formula that minimizes 
> having to monopolize spectrum to work guys at 15/20 an hour all night long,
> and shutting out fresh meat.  Without that, I guess I will have
> to take advantage of such opportunities as they come along to maximize 
> the number of stations I can hand out QSOs to.

> KM9P:
> I've always thought that there should be a rule in contesting... If you
> don't work someone in 10 CQ's and someone calls you on it, you MUST move.
> Then we'd find out who the ops are and those that are not.  Or at least
> we'de shake things up a bit.  Doubt K1AR would have to move from 14.150.5
> though.

Since the 160 meter contests are monobanders, the activity just doesn't
justify a two day event. Especially with three major 160 events almost
back to back. 

You run good rates the first day and waste spectrum the second by endless 
cq's. If all of us endless cq'ers qsy above 1900, it will just repeat itself 
at the top end of the band, nothing is gained nothing is lost. Less than
10% of the participants in this contest put in a full time effort, so whats
the sense of another marathon?  

In the beginning this contest was a good idea at the time, but the 
participants, equipment and antennas have evolved, and who really knows
what the purpose of the contest is now?, It has the least strategy of
any major event! (My strategy is to sleep with my nose on F1) 

Stop the insanity, let me out of this rubber room (160 meters), help they're
coming to take me away away, they're coming to take me away! (FHG)


                     Dr. Bafoofnik, **** (call witheld by asylum keeper)

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